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Factory, Airports & Inter Modal

Factory, Airports & Inter Modal Application

Factory application

Profitable and stable parking solutions for international and regional Airports

High-frequency environments such as Airports require well-organized and efficient systems to achieve a solid return on investment and to offer the quickest hassle-free experience to travelers.
More than 100 Airports worldwide have already chosen Elefine’s long-term experience in the industry to increase their parking facilities’ revenues.

parking system for airport

What can we do for you?

Parking facilities at Airports are strategic assets for revenue generation. By implementing custom solutions to optimize parking capacity and efficiency, Airports can take advantage of the car parks’ profitability while offering to travelers an efficient and stress-free experience.

Adopt top-notch technologies for parking facilities to optimize your investment: Elefine offers customized software solutions to achieve revenue results and grant full system continuity in order to avoid transactions issues.

Grant travelers the smoothest parking experience with the implementation of a wide range of flawless third-party integrations such as: valet parking, pre-booking functionalities, parking guidance systems, and external data sources among others.

Enable a frictionless parking experience for your visitors thanks to a comprehensive set of touchless and ticketless configuration. Thanks to our combination of proximity and hands-free technologies that do not require touch interaction, you can transform the car park into a safer digitally-enabled facility!