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Community application

Community application

Residential Area

Comfortable and intuitive parking solutions for residential areas and cities
The urban agglomeration is constantly growing. Following to the rising population in the cities also the demand of parking spaces is on the focus.

More and more urban spaces entrust Elefine’s solutions to offer both residents and employees of neighboring commercial activities the smoothest parking experience.

Parking system for communities


Smart parking solutions for smart cities

Urban environments are rapidly evolving towards a better and more sustainable experience for citizens. The transformation is increasingly permeating every level of the Municipality, including parking sites and garages.

Cutting-edge, smart parking technologies are pivotal to renovate the urban parking areas and to facilitate city mobility. Over 50 Municipalities across the globe have adopted Elefine’s solutions to provide a seamless parking experience to both commuters and local drivers.

What can we do for you?

You can maximize your parking asset’s operations and stability while facilitating mobility and improving traffic around busy areas. Learn how to easily manage high volumes of daily visitors, employees, and residents by leveraging a turn-key combination of software and hardware solutions!

An advanced smart management system for parking areas regulates access by making it automated and easier, thus ensuring regular profitability. Take advantage of Elefine’s Cloud management solution for stable and stress-free operations.
Take full control of multi-parking sites thanks to centralized operations, while collecting real-time data into a single management platform, which allow a responsive and satisfactory customer service.
Grant your users the smoothest parking experience thanks to a wide range of flawless third-party integrations , such as the city app, parking meters, and smart occupancy sensors, among others.