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Factory and production equipment

Aging instrument

High precision charge and discharge integrated aging instrument.

High degree of automation, high test accuracy, anti-riot function, high safety performance. It can accurately test product’s performance parameters such as overcharge protection voltage, charge cut-off current, over discharge protection voltage, and discharge capacity. The charge and discharge performance of the product can be judged according to the charge and discharge curve and the test capacity.

Automatic cells sorting machine

All-in-one machine for pasting barley paper and sorting and matching.

It is used to test and sort the internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of cylindrical cells. It comes with a high-precision internal resistance and voltage automatic test system. The equipment sends the cells according to the internal resistance and voltage values set on the computer software into the designated gear, this equipment can test about 4000-8000 battery cells per hour with stable performance.

Comprehensive testing machine

Internal resistance, short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, over-current and other tests. The tester can make a quantitative and accurate measurement of some basic parameters of the battery, and can measure the open circuit voltage, internal resistance, charging and discharging performance, battery capacity of the battery, as well as overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit and over-current protection functions. And measured the corresponding value, which greatly facilitates the production and pre-sales and after-sales service of the battery.

Automatic welding machine

Double sided automatic welding machine, strong solder joints and higher efficiency.

Protection board (BMS) test equipment

Support 1-24 series BMS test, ensure the quality of core materials.

Overcharge and impact test equipment

Overcharge and impact test of batteries and battery packs, ensure the core materials and delivery quality.

High and low temperature test box

Ensure product quality and safety at different temperatures. It can be used for high temperature test, low temperature test, alternating damp heat test, temperature cycle stress screening test of the product, and the working performance and technical status of the product in various environments are investigated through the test.

Laser engraving machine

Use a laser beam to carve a permanent mark on the surface of the material or inside the transparent material, customized LOGO for customers.

Production line

We have four production lines.

Elefine production line

Packaging area

Ensure product quality and safety at different temperatures.

Factory office area

Ensure product quality and safety at different temperatures.

Elefine team