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Construction Site and Exhib Venues

Construction Site, Sports, Leisure, and Exhib venues

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Efficient and custom solutions to overcome complex event parking

Major sporting events and exhibitions draw thousands of fans to stadiums, congress centers, and sporting arenas. Parking at these venues is challenging due to congestion and lack of adequate space.

More and more sites around the world are adopting Elefine’s solutions to transform their parking assets into stable and efficient facilities to improve both operations and parking experience for drivers.

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What can we do for you?

Sports and exhibitions venues demand flexible parking solutions, able to adapt to the variability of events types and their specific requirements. Learn how to efficiently manage your parking asset, optimize capacity and offer a flawless experience to all kinds of visitors, with the support of Elefine’s dependable team of experts.

By leveraging on the latest technologies, your parking facility becomes stable and easy to handle. Get a comprehensive picture of the car park thanks to accurate analytics and custom reporting: clear-cut users’ insights will grant you smooth and efficient operations.

Control and improve the parking capacity thanks to a carefully designed Parking Guidance System and a Dynamic Pricing strategy: combine the car park opening times with different tariffs in order to define variable rates, guide drivers smoothly, and capitalize on peak periods.