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Why to recommend schools install and use lifting column bollards?


Outfitting the grounds of your school with heavy duty, steel security school bollards reduces your risk of vehicular accidents and can make the school a safer place. Elefine manufactures removable, collapsible and fixed bollards, all of which can be used on-site to protect teachers, students and visitors from vehicle collisions. Whether you need protection from high-speed collisions or simple school barriers to mark parking spaces in your lot, Elefine bollards and security posts improve the security of your grounds.


One of the most important areas of a school to protect is the entrance. Fitting the entrance and exit points with fixed bollards protects them from potential vehicle impact, protecting those inside and around the doorway. These security solutions are strong enough to stop a vehicle and unobtrusive enough to walk around, making them an ideal fit for areas with heavy pedestrian traffic like the entrance.


Installing vehicle impact protection bollards in and around your parking lots helps prevent damage to cars and pedestrians alike. Fixed bollards can be placed on parking space edges, near the curb, and along perimeters to mark the borders and restrain vehicles from parking too close to walkways or other vehicles. Collapsible security bollards, on the other hand, are ideal for the entrance and exit points, allowing you to restrict access throughout the school day and lower them to allow maintenance vehicles through. Using secure internal locking mechanisms, these models easily raise and lower, allowing you to control which vehicles enter school grounds. Alternatively, removable school barriers can be completely removed from the ground and stored while offering the same level of security while in place.


Our heavy duty security school bollards are designed to protect you and your school from potentially devastating vehicle collisions. 3M reflective tape and a bright yellow finish add visual security to physical endurance, discouraging unauthorized traffic from attempting criminal activity of any kind. Collapsible, removable and fixed bollards improve the safety measures at your school, helping you better protect students, education professionals and parents.

Application of bollards

UHF RFID Integrated Reader UHF reader work with boom barrier and bollards

UHF RFID Integrated Reader UHF reader work with boom barrier and bollards