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Why do Supermarkets Install Supermarket Swing Gates? How to Choose a Supermarket Swing Gate?

Why do Supermarkets Install Supermarket Swing Gates? How to Choose a Supermarket Swing Gate?

In recent years, as the pace of urban life has gradually become faster, large supermarkets with complete functions and complete supply have replaced traditional department stores and become the main offline consumer places for people. Large-scale supermarkets are of considerable scale, and unmanned sales are implemented, providing customers with a good shopping environment. But at the same time, it is also necessary to avoid potential problems such as the deliberate destruction of goods by bad customers and others, and the occurrence of accidents when the flow of people is high.

Experts suggest that in large public places such as supermarkets, businesses should first improve supermarket safety precautions, strengthen technological precautions, and use a complete security system to solve such problems in supermarket operations. With the promotion of large-scale security systems such as smart cities and safe cities, the scale of the security access control market has been further expanded, and the application of swing gates in smart pedestrian passages has continued to increase.

Why do Supermarkets Install Supermarket Swing Gates? How to Choose a Supermarket Swing Gate?


Elefine’s EF-SV006F series swing gates are very different from the swing gates we usually see in supermarkets! Elefine’s EF-SV006F series is more high-end and fashionable! Better performance!

1. Three-color led lighting, brilliant transformation

Breaking the traditional appearance of the swing gate, the R&D team of Limei made a brand new design for the swing gate! The swing arm and top cover are made of high-end acrylic panels, and the three-color LED light effect makes the overall swing gate more cool and fashionable! When welcoming guests: blue; when passing: green; when calling the police: red

2. Customizable solutions

Since the entrance width of each supermarket is different, customers can customize the swing arm length according to their own store requirements: 70cm/80cm/90cm. The supermarket logo and welcome message can also be customized at the swing arm to maximize the customer’s shopping experience.

3. Use infrared sensor or radar sensor

Elefine’s EF-SV006F series supermarket uses infrared sensing and radar sensing technology. The 2-post swing gate uses radar sensing, the 4-post swing gate can use infrared or radar technology, and the 6-post swing gate uses infrared sensing. Infrared sensing has the characteristics of wider and more sensitive sensing area, while radar sensing does not require additional columns, saving time and making it more beautiful. Customers can choose different numbers of columns according to their own needs!

4. Stable performance, durable

Elefine’s EF-SV006F series use high-quality brushless anti-collision movement, the same channel swing arm synchronization is good, and the running experience is better. High-precision movement gear, good wear resistance, longer service life!

5. Voice broadcast, intelligent control

  • (1) Voice: welcome voice, reverse alarm voice
  • (2) Intelligent anti-collision: After triggering the alarm, the intelligent encoder makes the swing arm automatically reset
  • (3) Intelligent control: The intelligent control panel automatically learns the position of the door to open and close, and each position can be adjusted manually to compensate for the size error in the installation

6. No leakage, no conductivity, more safety

  • (1) The external power supply does not leak electricity and is safer
  • (2) Acrylic swing arm and acrylic cover, current insulation and non-conductive, safer

The supermarket swing gate is an effective solution for controlling the flow of people in and out of the supermarket. The acrylic swing arm has a good light transmission effect, and the 3-color LED light makes the ST100 series supermarket swing gate more advanced than other ordinary swing gates, and upgrades the supermarket grade! In addition, Lifangmei also introduced stainless steel swing arms for customers to choose from, to meet the preferences of different customers. Whether it is a stainless steel swing arm or an acrylic swing arm, we promise to provide the highest quality!

Here are some cases for everyone to appreciate.

Why do Supermarkets Install Supermarket Swing Gates? How to Choose a Supermarket Swing Gate?

Large supermarket chains

Elefine’s EF-SV006F series is a swing gate device designed for supermarket entrances. It opens automatically when customers enter the aisle or with a trolley. When someone enters in the reverse direction and pushes open the swing arm, there will be a voice reminder, effectively helping supermarket managers Mobile release. The swing gate of Limei Supermarket is simple to install, intelligently controlled, and convenient and quick to maintain.