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Why are mobile “packing houses” becoming more and more popular?

Why are mobile “packing houses” becoming more and more popular?

In the field of temporary construction, packing houses are now more and more popular, occupying more and more market share, and gradually become the overlord in this field. So why is this? Blogs prefabricated buildings take you to analyze the advantages.

  • Structural advantage

The packing box room is an all-steel structure, consisting of a structural system, a ground system, a floor system, a wall system, and a roof system, and each system is composed of several unit modules. These unit modules are manufactured in advance in the factory, and these unit modules are assembled on the construction site to become a packing room. It can be seen that the packing room will be installed quickly, easy to move and transport, easy to store, and the material is still very stable, wind and earthquake resistance.

  • Design advantage

The packing room has begun to introduce modern design elements, which will be customized according to the category of products and the needs of customers. The packing room can be assembled arbitrarily according to the design to create a large space and personalized house. The adjustable house base can also adapt to the requirements of different grounds.

  • Basic advantage

The packing box room can be used as a strip-type foundation or a pier-type foundation. If the ground is flat enough, it can even be installed directly on the ground without a foundation.

  • Installation advantages

The construction period of the packing house is short, and the installation is very fast. Four workers only need half a day to complete the installation of a single box. The packing room can also be assembled before leaving the factory, and then the whole box is checked in. After the water and electricity are connected to the place of use, you can move in.

  • Transportation Advantage

The packing room can save the cost of long-distance transportation by flattening and compressing or transporting the whole box.

  • Application field advantages

The packing room is full of modern atmosphere, stylish and atmospheric, and can be used in commerce, tourism, temporary construction sites, etc. It can be made into dormitories, offices, exhibition halls, homestays, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection advantages

The material of the packing house adopts new environmentally friendly materials, because the modules of the house are made in advance in the factory, so there will be no construction waste at the construction site. After the project, there will be no construction waste and no pollution. The packing room can be recycled, and the energy saving is very good.

Container houses have developed rapidly in the country, but the quality of this new type of house is uneven, and the weight of different profile structures is very different. Some houses can be stacked three layers, but some are not. Only two layers can be stacked. If the thickness of the steel beam is not up to the standard, there will be a phenomenon of bending, which will cause the container to develop and deform. Here, I remind you that when purchasing a house with a packed box, you must not just focus on “cheap” and ignore it. For the customer’s living experience, when choosing a container house, you must learn to identify the quality of the house and find high-quality cooperative merchants.

Why are mobile "packing houses" becoming more and more popular?