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What should we do if boom barrier does not drop arm after car drives past?

In the parking lot system, what should we do if boom barrier does not drop arm after car drives past?


Many friends have always asked some questions about the parking lot system. Let’s take a look at the common faults and troubleshooting methods of the parking lot system, and sort out some common problems.

Fault 1 Description: The car aisle gate does not drop the rod

Analysis: The triple button is set to manual mode, which is caused by the crash of the ground sensor processor of the gate, the problem of the ground sense coil, the failure of the main board of the gate, and the interference of other peripherals.


  • 1. Set the triple button to automatic mode;
  • 2. Check whether the OUTPUT indicator on the ground-sensing processor of the gate is flashing green quickly;
  • 3. Restart the power switch to check whether it is normal. If it is not normal, replace the ground sense processor, and measure the continuity of the ground sense coil;
  • 4. Replace the main board test of the gate;
  • 5. Disconnect and test the wiring of the card machine.

Fault 2 Description: The card swipe gate does not open

Analysis: card expired, invalid card, card has entered (exited) field, card machine motherboard failure, barrier failure

Processing method: 1. Listen to the system voice, confirm the validity of the card, and rule out the illegal card; 2. Swipe the legal card, and measure whether there is +12V output between the signal OPEN and GND output by the card machine at the gate, and exclude the card machine. Main board and circuit problems; 3. Open the start gate through the triple button to eliminate the fault of the gate. 4. Directly short-circuit VCC and OPEN on the card machine to see if the gate is open, and eliminate the problem of lines and gates

Fault 3 Description: Card ejector fault

  • a. There is no response when the card machine is powered on: check the 2-way power supply (12V and 24V) respectively, check whether the power indicator light of the card machine main board is on, and whether there are electronic components burned or hot;
  • b. The motor does not move: 1: Remove all cards in the card machine, and re-power on to observe whether the motor rotates before and after, and whether the speed is normal. 2: Disconnect the connection between the opto-coupler board and the main board and re-power on to observe the motor condition .3: Use a multimeter to measure whether there is 24V output at both ends of the main board motor output when powering on.
  • c. Cards cannot be pre-issued: 1: Check the thickness of the card and whether it is smooth, which can be adjusted by the gap between the upper and lower sub-card wheels. 2: Check the friction between the card feeding roller and the card, and clean the card feeding roller and the card detection photocoupler. 3: Check whether the wheels of the upper and lower output card wheels are clean and smooth. 4: Check whether the three photo-couplers on the photo-coupler board are normal;
  • d. The card machine flies or swallows the card: 1: Check whether the outgoing photocoupler of the card machine is normal and clean the photocoupler, 2: Check the validity of the card, the card information should be an off-site card, 3: Check whether the antenna can sense Check whether there is any interference if the card arrives, if the card is swallowed occasionally, it is recommended to ground the card machine;
  • e. The card machine cannot swallow the card: when the card needs to be swallowed when the card is invalid, but the card machine cannot swallow the card in the middle, check whether the tension spring on the side is flexible and whether the electromagnet is normal;

Fault 4 Description: The controller does not respond when swiping the card (no voice, no opening)

Analysis: The card is not the system card, the ground sensor of the card machine is dead, causing the card to be read without pressing the ground, the card reader antenna connector is unplugged or damaged, and the hardware dongle on the controller motherboard is not installed or has problems;


  • 1. Make sure the card is encrypted by the system;
  • 2. Check whether the OUTPUT light on the ground sensor processor of the card machine is always on (normal), restart the card machine after power off, and press the ground sensor to read the card again;
  • 3. Check whether the connector of the card reader antenna is properly connected to the motherboard, and replace the antenna board to test;
  • 4. Check whether the hardware dongle on the motherboard is installed correctly;

Fault 5 Description: The car cannot pass the brake.

Possible reason:

①The ground induction coil is not buried correctly or the coil is damaged or broken;

②Vehicle detector power supply is insufficient (Max250mA) or the induction sensitivity is improperly adjusted (too high or too low); ③The “COM” terminal of the ground detection detector is disconnected or has poor contact with the “GND” common ground terminal of the gate controller .

Fault 6 Description: Click the 〖Open Gate〗 button in the monitoring interface, the gate does not open, but the manual button can be used to open the gate.

Possible reason:

① The “control switch” in the card reader is not short-circuited (they are disconnected at the factory and are in an offline working state, and must be short-circuited in an online state when connected to a computer for network control);

②The computer and the card reader cannot communicate normally, and the controller cannot receive the opening command. (Check whether the connection of the computer serial port is normal and whether the parameter settings are correct)

Fault 7 Description: With the image comparison function, but no image can be seen when entering the parking lot monitoring interface. possible reason:

①The video card is not installed correctly (for example, the driver is not installed correctly);

②The camera is not powered on or the connection between the camera and the video card is incorrect;

③ The parameter setting of the parking lot software is incorrect (for example, the entrance and exit are selected first without taking pictures).

Fault 8 Description: When the card is read on the exit and entrance card readers, the card number transmitted to the computer is sometimes correct (the gate can be opened), and sometimes the gate cannot be opened.

Possible reason:

①The line encounters strong interference (such as laying the communication line and the AC power line in the same pipe);

②The line is too long, beyond the effective communication distance (200M), and the signal is seriously attenuated;

③ The ground terminal (signal ground) of the control board of the card reader is short-circuited with the AC power ground (power ground), causing communication interference;

Fault 9 Description: There is no image in the entrance and exit monitoring interface, so it is impossible to capture the picture of the license plate number

Analysis: Poor video cable contact, video card driver problem, camera power failure, device offline, etc.


  • 1. Check whether the power supply of the equipment is normal;
  • 2. Check whether the video head wiring is bad;
  • 3. Check whether the controller is online;
  • 4. Reinstall the video card driver as required, and test whether the driver is installed correctly through the demo program;