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What problems must be avoided when purchasing a booth?

What problems must be avoided when purchasing a booth?

What mistakes do customers make when buying booth booths? Every merchant wants them to choose and buy booths with good quality and the right price. Explain to you what mistakes they make when buying a booth. First, lead times ignore quality: as the saying goes, plans can’t keep up with changes. Occasionally, booth manufacturers are often urged to shorten their working hours due to various reasons such as poor scheduling.

However, the whole process of stall production, the grinding process with the longest stall times and the flexibility of this process are very important and critical. Some booth manufacturers opt for polishing machines to shorten working hours. The advantage is that the work efficiency is greatly improved. The downside is that machine grinding is difficult to control.

In many cases the zinc layer on the surface wears off. Such stalls are no different from ordinary tin houses. The second misconception about hollow walls is that cutting corners will worry many consumers. Since the walls of the booth are hollow, the walls are not strong enough. Postbox manufacturers abuse the central control wall to cut corners.

The guard booth manufacturers pointed out that these concerns are superfluous. The walls of the booth are made of hollow walls, which is conducive to heat preservation and can improve the heat preservation and cold resistance of the booth. It is believed that the higher the density of booth welding, the better. The guard booth manufacturer told customers that the welding density of light steel keels is one per 500 pixels. Some customers think that guard booth manufacturers are deliberately reluctant to increase the welding density to reduce costs. In fact, the 500px welding standard is a reasonable welding distance obtained through practice and test data.

Here are the reasons for this misunderstanding:

First of all, the main raw material of the booth structure is galvanized square tube (the surface is galvanized iron tube). Due to the high temperature during the welding process, the oxide film on the surface of the welding base material will be destroyed, thereby greatly reducing the rust-proof function of the welding position; secondly, the welding material also contains other impurities, and the welding position is easily attached to the water vapor in the air under the action of the air. middle. In aqueous solution it will form a battery reaction, leading to corrosion and faster decay; in addition, excessively dense welding will destroy the inherent structural mechanics of the profile and weaken the inherent load-bearing capacity of the profile.