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What is the senseless payment for parking lots? What are the characteristics?

Non-inductive payment is a fast payment service realized by bundling parking lot license plate recognition technology with bank card. When car owners use the service for the first time, they need to scan the QR code posted in the parking lot with their mobile phone to sign up and bind the bank card with the “UnionPay” logo and license plate number. Automatic payment can be realized when leaving the venue. It is worth noting that the same car only needs to be signed and bound once, and there is no need to repeat operations in the future.


  • 1. Temporary car owners do not download the APP, scan and pay immediately.
  • 2. VIP users enjoy non-stop and non-sense payment;.
  • 3. Reduce disputes with toll collectors due to the fare, and control the fare in real time.
  • 4. The payment process is simple and adapts to various places.
  • 5. Higher efficiency and better experience.

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