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What is the difference between hard recognition and soft recognition of license plate recognition?

What is the difference between hard recognition and soft recognition of license plate recognition?

With the development of the industry, the market demand, and the market’s demand for license plate recognition system (license plate recognition system) is more and more extensive, mainly divided into: software recognition and hardware recognition. Through the automatic identification, automatic login and automatic comparison of the license plate number, the system can realize many intelligent functions such as automatic opening of the brakes, automatic charging, automatic verification of the user’s vehicle identity, automatic distinction between internal and external vehicles, automatic calculation of the number of parking spaces, and automatic alarm.

Software recognition: It is obvious that the meaning of the word can be understood by the software for the license plate number. After installing a matching license plate recognition software on the computer, the captured pictures are recognized and processed. The operation method is to continuously capture multiple photos through the camera, select the clearer one, and then process the characters through computer software to complete the identification of the number plate.

Because each recognition needs to capture multiple pictures, the speed of soft recognition is slow. Moreover, the system has extremely high requirements for the captured pictures, and it is necessary to be extremely clear to achieve the desired effect. The system has extremely high requirements on the on-site environment and debugging quality, and is not suitable for many occasions where the environment is not satisfactory. The placement of the equipment is quite important.

Hardware recognition: The popular explanation is that a series of character processing is performed on the captured pictures through independent hardware equipment; currently, the hardware recognition in the parking lot system industry is also divided into two types, that is, with an independent license plate recognition device and front-end hardware recognition two kinds.

The front-end hardware recognition integrated camera is used to the market demand, and now it has been loved by the majority of customers. Front-end hardware recognition is also called an integrated license plate recognition camera, which embeds a traditional and unique license plate recognition device into the camera, completes the integration of front-end hardware and camera, and perfectly completes picture capture, video streaming, character recognition, and barrier lifts. series of jobs.

The advantages of soft recognition and hard recognition:

  • 1. Analysis and recognition mode: hard recognition system: video stream analysis and recognition are used to conduct all-weather real-time analysis of video streams within the monitoring range; soft recognition system: picture analysis and recognition, take pictures of vehicles arriving within the specified range, and then take pictures Profiling; identifying error-prone when the vehicle is in a bad position.
  • 2. Trigger identification method:

Hard recognition system: ground sense and video trigger are optional, no need to add testing equipment, no need to damage the ground or add engineering, and capture images 24 hours a day. Soft recognition system: ground sense, infrared and other peripheral vehicle detection devices are triggered; a certain amount of engineering is required.

  • 3. Intelligent algorithm model

Hard recognition system: The intelligent fuzzy lattice recognition algorithm is used, and the accuracy rate is higher, and the recognition rate is greater than 99.70%. Human intervention is rarely required. Soft recognition system: OCR/font topological structure recognition algorithm will frequently cause misrecognition, and the accuracy rate is less than 90%. Manual input of the corrected number plate is required.

  • 4. Reliability and stability:

Hard identification system: The special identification device adopts TI’s high-speed DSP and dual CPU control to ensure the reliability and stability of the system. Soft identification system: Software identification is prone to frequent crashes and other situations, and the computer needs to be restarted frequently, resulting in intermittent system paralysis.

  • 5. Recognition speed:

Hard recognition system: vehicle license plate recognition speed is less than 0.4 seconds, which fully meets the needs of large traffic flow; soft recognition system: vehicle license plate recognition speed is greater than 3 seconds or even longer, and the speed is unbearable.

  • 6. Speed ​​habit:

Hard recognition system: The vehicle speed can be stably and quickly recognized within the range of 0-120Km/H; the use range is wide, and this type of equipment is used for high-speed kilometers. Soft recognition system: When the vehicle speed is greater than 40Km/H, the recognition rate drops sharply. It is now introduced into the parking lot system and needs to be further improved.

  • 7. Environmental habits

Hard recognition system: It can work normally under various lighting conditions such as night, cloudy and rainy days; Soft recognition system: Under the above conditions, and even at different times of the day, the recognition accuracy is very high.

  • 8. Compatibility

Hard identification system: without the support of industrial IO card, the parking lot control system (PLC) can be directly compatible with various types of IC, ID, paper tickets and other types of parking lot seamlessly, so that the license plate number and card number must be combined to enter and exit. Automatic identification, automatic printing of license plate numbers and other functions. Soft identification system: relying on the IO card for vehicle detection, opening and closing gates and other actions, and the parking lot system is only embedded in software, and has no connection with hardware. The amount of engineering is large, the line is used more, and the stability is poor.

  • 9. Camera sharing

Hard identification system: The system can share cameras with the monitoring system without any impact on the system. Soft recognition system: Do not share, otherwise it will have a serious impact on system stability and recognition rate.

  • 10. Output signal

Hard recognition system: The system can output real-time data such as the large picture of the vehicle, the small picture of the license plate, the identification number of the license plate, the color of the license plate and the recognition reliability, the traffic flow, and the parking volume in the field. It has the function of querying static pictures of vehicles entering and leaving, and can be connected to the parking space guidance system. Soft identification system: there is no output interface, it is basically used for the system itself, and secondary development cannot be carried out.