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What is the application of campus face recognition system in school?

What is the application of campus face recognition system in school?

At present, many domestic colleges and middle schools are trying to enter the era of “swiping face” – installing campus face recognition systems in schools. At the same time, the installation of face recognition is also to ensure the safety of students. Under the huge responsibility of campus safety, many campus gates have set up face recognition attendance systems. Students enter and leave the campus by swiping their faces, and the campus card has become a “one card”. face pass”. Technological innovation is also driving education reform, and the use of face recognition cameras has also become a must for some schools to promote the construction of “smart classrooms”.

There are also many scenarios where face recognition technology can be applied on campus. For example, at Northwestern Polytechnical University, the face recognition system covers more than 30 places such as school dormitories, libraries, conference centers, and administrative office buildings, making it easier and faster for teachers and students to travel. , to effectively improve the level of school safety management.

The campus AI intelligent temperature measurement and face recognition camera is an AI-based face recognition intelligent hardware terminal independently developed and produced by Shenzhen Elefine Technology Co., Ltd. Adapt to strong light, backlight, weak light, stray light and other use environments. Facial recognition camera “senseless” attendance without queuing, without swiping card, you can capture attendance by walking past the camera. The attendance information can be pushed to parents’ mobile phones, and the head teacher can also view the attendance information of the whole class. The school management platform will generate statistical data, which is convenient for schools to count attendance. If the student has special circumstances and is not captured, the teacher can manually help the student click on the attendance check-in on the WeChat terminal of the mobile phone.

Campus face recognition allows school teachers and students to travel unimpeded on campus with just one face, and can also identify blacklisted people, including social fugitives and school-defined dangerous people. When blacklisted or dangerous people pass through the face recognition camera At the time, the photos will be captured and pushed to the mobile phones of relevant school staff to take precautions in advance.

The application of campus face recognition technology can not only speed up the efficiency of campus attendance, but also reduce the probability of violent incidents around the campus. The campus face recognition camera technology effectively maintains the campus order and safety, and ensures the personal and property safety of teachers and students. From campus security to daily application, Tenniu Technology combines platform and service hardware and software to jointly promote the construction of smart campus with the school.