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What is Slot Planing Shaping Grooving Machine for 304 Stainless Steel Board of Turnstile Gate?

What is Slot Planing Shaping Grooving Machine for 304 Stainless Steel Board of Turnstile Gate?

Grooving is an auxiliary process for bending and forming of metal or non-metal materials. V-shaped grooves are cut out with special equipment and cutters at the bending line where metal or non-metal materials need to be bent to make the material easy to bend and shape. It can be minimized, and then use a bending machine or manual bending to form, this method is processed to complete and meet the product appearance requirements. The depth, width, and angle of the V-groove can be ensured by the feed rate and the shape of the planer during the planing process.

How to use the router?

Speaking of routers, I believe you will find it unfamiliar, because in normal daily life, you rarely touch this kind of machines. The router is a machine that produces machines, so you don’t know how to use this type of machine. I don’t understand what a router is and what work it does. So, today, let’s share with you how to use the router? What is a router? Look at it. Let’s find out together.

How to use the router?

The production and processing of planed V-groove is generally when customers have very specific regulations on the outer R of sheet metal bending, and all normal bending cannot achieve the minimum value specified by it. At this time, choose to bend after planing. The sheet metal structure specification design scheme is unique. When all normal bending cannot be done, grooves are required. For example, U-shaped parts, the inner wall specification only knows mm, and then double V grooves are used to form. The deep layer of the V-groove with different thickness of raw materials is different. The actual production and processing data information depends on the customer’s product regulations.

Common problem: According to work experience, the viewing angle of the V-shaped groove is 2 degrees larger than the specific forming viewing angle. The raw material will rebound during bending and forming. The embedded 2 degrees of the gap is beneficial to manipulate the viewing angle during production and processing. In order to avoid clamping the knife during bending, it is best to bend the lower die at 84 degrees.

What is a router?

Grooving machine refers to the machine that produces the machine, also known as the machine tool or machine tool, and is commonly referred to as the CNC lathe. Generally divided into metal material drilling CNC lathes, casting CNC lathes and woodworking machine tools. There are many ways to produce and process mechanical parts in contemporary machinery and equipment manufacturing: in addition to drilling production and processing, there are also forging, forging, electric welding and welding, stamping dies, extrusion molding, etc., as long as the precision requirements are higher and the roughness requirements are biased. Thin parts generally need to be drilled on a CNC lathe for final production and processing. Numerical control lathes play an important role in the intelligent construction of national economic development.

At the characteristic level, the reliability can be found in the whole process of applying the router, and the accuracy can be found at the precise positioning level. The high efficiency is also very high, which saves a lot of time and electricity.

CNC slotting machine (pit planing machine, stainless steel plate V groove machine) is suitable for elevator car, installation raw materials, stainless steel production, electrical products, game props and other manufacturing industries that require high-precision production and processing of plates. It is designed and manufactured according to the unique requirements of the high and mid-range decoration design and manufacturing industry, elevator car manufacturing and other manufacturing industries. It can carry out V-shaped grooves on stainless steel sheet metal sheets, stainless steel plates, copper coins and other materials. If equipped with some unique special accessories, the sheet metal planing machine can also carry out grinding and polishing, grinding and polishing, metal drawing and other work on metal sheets and aluminum profiles. Some unique product workpieces cannot be bent on the bending machine to be formed, or complicated abrasive tools with unique design schemes are used to carry out the product. However, according to the CNC machine tool stainless steel plate planing machine, the V-shaped metal sheet is grooved. Controlling the intensity level can make this kind of unique bending material type can also be bent into a general bending machine with a universal abrasive tool. The specific method is to leave the V-groove of the final rolling process with the plate The thickness is controlled at 0.3mm, so that the rebound angle of the rolling process is not large, and the rectangular square tube is not easy to rebound after being formed. Precise positioning of the bending perimeter specifications before the product is bent. According to the rough and shallow V-shaped grooving of the thin metal sheet, it can be used to make reservations for the bending perimeter specifications before bending, and then follow it in the bending machine. The pre-drawn V-shaped wire trough can be bent so as to ensure the accuracy of the bending circumference and can replace the back gauge of the CNC machine tool bending machine. The natural prerequisite is the accuracy level of the V-shaped CNC machine tool planer. Be sure to achieve ±0.05mm.

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