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What is elevator control? What are the benefits of installing a ladder control?

What is elevator control? What are the benefits of installing a ladder control?

Elevators are an important tool for the owners of our high-rise residential communities to live and travel. However, the high frequency loss of the elevators and the high maintenance and repair costs in the later period have caused a lot of troubles for the owners and property companies. Many property companies now rely on elevator control systems to assist in management, but after installing elevator control systems, many community owners find it inconvenient. They cannot understand that they need to swipe their cards to take the elevator in their own building. Residential developers and property companies believe that the installation of elevator controls consumes manpower, material and financial resources, but the owners do not understand, and are innocent and helpless.

So what is elevator control? What are the benefits of installing ladder control? Let’s take a look together below:

Elevator control is a kind of elevator control technology. A system device similar to “access control” is installed on the original elevator. Only after swiping the card, the elevator will start and send the owner to the floor he wants to reach.

What is elevator control What are the benefits of installing a ladder control


A system device similar to “access control” is installed on the original elevator, and the elevator will only start after swiping the card (a password disk can be added to prevent unnecessary trouble caused by forgetting to bring the card), and the owner will be sent to the floor he wants to reach. With the rapid development of biometric technology in my country, “biometric technology” has been applied to ladder control systems. Including “fingerprint recognition ladder control system”, “face recognition ladder control system”, “finger vein recognition ladder control system” and “iris recognition ladder control system”.

Control Method

There are three control methods for ladder control:

Floor control: Swipe the card directly, you can only reach the floor where the card has the authority, and no additional buttons are needed to select the floor.

Floor control: Swipe the card to open the control of all the buttons. Press the button of the floor you want to go to within the set time, and the elevator can reach the floor you pressed.

Elevator call: After swiping the card outside the elevator car, you can enter the elevator to unlock the elevator use authority.

Basic Skills

It can automatically identify the type and authority of the IC card to prevent illegal use of the elevator by people without a card. Once the controller has hardware and software failures, the elevator can be automatically restored to a free state immediately. You can press the floor selection button to take the elevator and the elevator fire emergency switch Realize the function of linkage. Unique built-in password keyboard, instead of IC card operation. Residents can modify the password by themselves, without the involvement of management personnel, reducing tedious management work and increasing security.

Management Function

System Management: Set the authority of system managers and operators.

Card issuance management: IC card initialization, card replacement, card replacement, blacklist, loss report, etc.

Authority setting: Set the cardholder’s floor authority.
Time period setting: time, date, holidays, etc. to set the permission to enter and exit the elevator.
Elevator open use time: switch to non-IC card control state according to time period.
The opening hours of the floor and the valid period of a certain IC card.

Logging Function

The controller records each operation (including card number, card swiping time, registered floor and other information)
The record can be read out on the management center computer through a collector or network, and can be retrieved and inquired according to time, elevator number, specific cardholder, etc., and automatically generate various comprehensive management reports.

One Card Function

Using standard non-contact IC card, it can share an IC card with parking lot, consumption, access control and attendance systems, forming a true all-in-one card.
Use one all-in-one card management center together, realize all-in-one card management on one platform, and use the overall integrated all-in-one card;
If there is an IC card system from another company, only need to reserve the corresponding partition and provide the card key to realize the elevator all-in-one card.

The Benefits of Installing Elevator Control

  • 1. Community security protection

According to the survey, there is a general shortage of security personnel in residential communities and inadequate safety management facilities, which leads to free entry and exit of unused personnel. There are frequent occurrences in the community, “grabbing”, burglary, corridors, elevators and random posting of advertisements, and the environmental sanitation of the community has become more difficult. And other issues, there are serious security risks. To live and work in peace, safety is always the top priority of the people. Community safety is not only a matter of concern to residents, but also an important task of community property management.

By installing an intelligent elevator elevator control management system (such as taking over the elevator system buttons through passive contacts without destroying the elevator system), the elevator can be used normally only by swiping the card, and the idle personnel outside the residential area have no right to use the elevator. Put an end to the occurrence of such phenomena as “grabbing sheep”, house theft, and random advertisements, effectively improving the safety of the community and making residents more comfortable living. Significantly improve the convenience and safety of owners’ living, and bring concentrated and simple work results for property managers. At the same time, with the development of society, people’s awareness of self-protection and the pursuit of living standards are getting higher and higher. The high privacy of use, residence and property safety management can also greatly enhance the residential grade and residential value of the community.

For banks, financial institutions, large CBD office buildings, special agencies, etc., one of the multiple elevators can be turned into a dedicated elevator. For example, by installing an elevator elevator control management system, a certain elevator can be transformed to be used only by leaders; Transform a certain elevator to be used only by its own company personnel; or transform a certain floor into a private floor, etc., to improve the security level of the property.

  • 2. Elevator energy saving

A. Elevator electricity fee:

Since the riding behavior of unauthorized and irrelevant people is effectively restricted, the frequency of elevator use is reduced, and electricity expenses can be saved. For example: Calculating according to the motor power of a 14KW elevator, it can save 0.5 hours of elevator operation every day, then 7 kilowatt-hours of electricity can be saved every day. The electricity fee per kWh is calculated at 0.8 yuan: 28*0.8=5.6 yuan/day*365 days=2044 yuan/year.

B. Elevator repair and maintenance fee:

Reduce daily maintenance expenses: As the operation frequency of the elevator is greatly reduced, it can effectively extend the usual replacement cycle of the vulnerable parts of the elevator, such as the holding brake and the automatic elevator door opener and other vulnerable parts, which can save no less than 2,000 yuan per year maintainance fee. Extend the overhaul period: The cost of overhaul of the elevator is about 10,000 yuan. The elevator that needs to be overhauled in 5 years can be effectively extended to 7-8 years before the overhaul, which can save about 10,000 yuan in overhaul costs.

C. Labor costs:

Because it effectively restricts the behavior of people who are not authorized to take the elevator, and the residents of this building can only reach the authorized floors for them, the environmental pollution in the building is greatly reduced, and the labor intensity of the cleaning staff and the safety personnel are reduced. The number of inspections, thereby reducing management costs, makes it possible to improve the quality of property services within the limited property charge limit.

  • 3. Improving the quality of residents’ living

By installing the elevator control control system, residents can swipe their cards to go directly to the residential floors. For high-rise residents, there is no need to worry about finding their own floor buttons among the many elevator button stacks. Through system linkage with the visual intercom system of the building unit, an automatic visitor management system can be realized, and the building door can be swiped to enter the door directly to call the elevator and open the corresponding floor. Residents can directly reach the residents without swiping the card again when entering the elevator. floor.