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What is a new energy vehicle charger?

What is a new energy vehicle charger?

Charger introduction:

New energy vehicles are more environmentally friendly and they are also supported by national policies. The most important thing is that there will be some car purchase subsidies. Buying new energy vehicles not only costs less, but also environmentally friendly, so many consumers choose to buy new energy vehicles. However, the problem of charging new energy vehicles has always been a headache for people, and some businesses have invented chargers. What is the new energy vehicle charger?

Introduction of New Energy Vehicle Chargers: Classification

DC charger: refers to a charger that uses a DC charging mode to charge the power battery assembly of an electric vehicle. The DC charging mode is a mode in which the controllable DC power output from the charger directly charges the power battery assembly.

AC charger: refers to a charger that uses an AC charging mode to charge the power battery assembly of an electric vehicle. The AC charging mode is a mode in which a three-phase or single-phase AC power supply provides charging power to electric vehicles. The characteristic of the AC charging mode is that the charger is an on-board system.

The charger adapts to the battery type: the charger can charge at least one of the following three types of power batteries: lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Introduction of new energy vehicle chargers: functions

  • 1. The charger has three states of manual, automatic and short-circuit control, making the operation more flexible.

a) Automatic state—-The charger can automatically switch the working state according to the working condition of the internal combustion engine, and automatically complete the whole process of battery connection (short-circuit state) and disconnection of charging, without increasing the work intensity of the staff.

b) Manual state —- Regardless of whether the generator is started or not, the charger can be forced to work in the charging state. This function is convenient for the maintenance and maintenance of the battery during the maintenance of the locomotive, without the use of other additional charging equipment. Through the 110V external power supply line used for maintenance and repair, the battery charging and maintenance can be completed.

c) Short-circuit state —- When the charger fails or does not require the charger to work, isolate the charger and restore the original line of the locomotive. No matter what happens to the charger, the normal working state of the locomotive can be guaranteed

  • 2. With LED voltage and current display, it is convenient to monitor the working status of the charger.
  • 3. Small size and easy to install.

Introduction of New Energy Vehicle Charger: Introduction

An electric vehicle charger is a device designed to charge the vehicle battery of an electric vehicle. It is a power conversion device with specific functions used when charging the battery. Electric vehicle chargers can be divided into DC chargers and AC chargers.

With the advancement of science and technology, and people’s continuous in-depth research on charger technology, many new types of chargers have emerged, such as high-power intelligent high-frequency chargers, silicon controlled rectifier chargers, and so on. On the basis of the original chargers, they learn from each other’s strengths, and have made great progress in terms of charging efficiency, charging time, charging safety protection, and charging automation management. They represent the trend and direction of future charger development.

Is the battery problem and cruising range problem of new energy vehicles a concern? This is also the reason why many consumers have been waiting and watching and did not choose to buy. Although this new energy vehicle charger can solve the problem, it will definitely be more in the near future.