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What effect does the change of seasons have on the post?

What effect does the change of seasons have on the post?

In winter, the staff of the security box can close the space to keep warm.

Open doors and windows in the summer to allow air to circulate and perhaps lower the temperature inside. But as we all know, most of the guard boxes are installed outdoors, and some parking lot guard boxes are exceptions.

Because most of the security guard booths are made of metal, especially stainless steel as the main material. In a stainless steel pan under the hot summer sun, someone once tried to fry an egg. If you still delusionally open the doors and windows to get a moment of coolness, this is definitely delusional. Therefore, in order to really have a good experience in different seasons, the cold protection and heat preservation of the security guard box itself must also be good.

In winter, there is no shivering from the cold, and in summer, the sun is sweating profusely. As a professional security guard box manufacturer, workers often say that they have been exposed to the sun, so why not make it more comfortable inside? Therefore, high-quality and excellent cold-proof insulation walls are prepared for each post.