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What are the troubleshooting methods for boom barrier gates?

What are the troubleshooting methods for boom barrier gates?

Boom Barrier Gate Troubleshooting

The problem of the boom barrier not falling:

  • 1. The first step is to check whether the signal indicator light of the vehicle detector is always on. If it is always on, it means strong metal interference, and if it flashes occasionally, it means weak metal interference. Use a 10cm long copper wire to unplug the vehicle detector, and short-circuit the common and ground senses of the main board at both ends. When one of the wires leaves the terminal, the barrier will drop, indicating that there is a problem with the vehicle detector or the coil. If one of the wires leaves the terminal and the barrier does not drop, just unplug the terminal for short-circuiting. After one of the pins leaves, the bar will drop, indicating that the terminal is in poor contact. If the bar does not drop, it indicates that there is a problem with the main board of the barrier.
  • 2. The second pull-out ground sense signal is correct, and then use the remote control to control whether the landing rod of the barrier is normal. If it is normal, check whether the wiring is wrong, and replace a vehicle detector after confirming that the wiring is correct. Use an iron door panel or an iron block larger than 40cm*40cm*0.2cm thick to press the corners of the ground sensing coil. The test result will drop the rod after the metal leaves the coil, indicating the problem of the vehicle detector. If the rod does not drop, it means the ground sensing coil question.
  • 3. After excluding the ground sense signal, the gate still does not drop the pole. Disconnect the camera opening signal or the access control opening signal, and then use the remote control to test whether the gate is normal. If the landing lever is normal after disconnecting the opening signal, check that the wiring of the opening signal is incorrect or incompatible.

Frequently asked questions about boom barriers

  • I. I can start the pole, but I can’t close it, I can only move it, what’s going on?
  • 1. Check whether the label on the lower chassis matches the actual rod length.
  • 2. Pull out the ground sense or radar signal, and then use the remote control to take off and land, and test whether it is normal. If it is normal, it indicates that the ground sense is faulty. detector.
  • 3 If the site is windy, check whether the resistance sensitivity on the main board is too high, add L-4 to 25, L-C to 90, and then check whether the remote control landing test is normal.
  • II. The motherboard alarms, but no response when you press the ups and downs?
  • Use a multimeter to measure whether the input power of the motherboard is normal. The normal power supply voltage is around 24V. If it is too low or too high, it means that the voltage is abnormal and needs to be replaced.
  • III. What should I do if the drop bar hits the ground too hard or the back end of the swing is too fast?
  • The falling rod hits the ground, the spring force is small, the spring is tight, the rear part of the rod is fast, the spring force is large, and the spring is loose