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What are the precautions for the use of the barrier gate controller?

The barrier gate controller is an intelligent multi-functional manual and wireless remote control dual-use remote control device designed with digital technology. It has a good intelligent judgment function and high reliability. It is the preferred automatic in the current electric barrier system. controlling device.

The following points should be paid attention to when using Shenzhen Elefine boom barrier gate controller:

  • 1. The number of cable cores of the electric door should generally not be less than 8 wires (there were 7 wires in the past, and the wiring was not very reasonable), and there should be no joints in the middle of the door cable.
  • 2. The performance of the alarm function depends on the performance of the alarm probe, and the user should select the alarm probe according to the actual needs of the alarm. The controller is equipped with a pyro-type alarm probe when it leaves the factory. If the alarm function is not required, the probe can be left alone.
  • 3. The delayed automatic shutdown function can be set according to the user’s door stroke, and the factory setting is about 145 seconds.
  • 4. When the controller fails, it should be repaired by professionals or contact the supplier and the manufacturer for repair. So as not to expand the fault and affect the use.
  • 5. The controller should be kept clean to prevent water or other harmful substances from corroding. It is strictly forbidden to use organic solvents when cleaning the cabinet.
  • 6. The type of the alarm probe output signal interface should be a relay output interface, and the power supply voltage should be DC 12-15V, otherwise it cannot be directly powered by the controller. The power consumption of the probe should be ≤100 mA. According to the site conditions, multiple probes can be used (generally 1-2 probes are appropriate), and the parallel connection method is adopted when multiple probes are used. Probe. The influence of other heat sources or direct light should be avoided, and a rain cover should be added above it.
  • 7. The casing of the remote control transmitter should be kept well to prevent squeezing, vibration, falling, and water ingress. Pay attention to check the battery voltage and replace it if necessary. When the remote control distance is too close, the battery should generally be replaced. The battery model is KC12V-23A. The remote control should try to avoid electromagnetic interference sources.
  • 8. When it is found that the door opening and closing directions are opposite, the wiring of the “V” and “W” terminals of the controller can be reversed. Similarly, when the direction indicated by the STOP display is opposite to the actual one, adjust the wiring in the same way.
  • 9. The remote control is encrypted and used by encoding when it leaves the factory and cannot be interchanged. When the user needs to change the password, the manufacturer can change the password as required.

What are the precautions for the use of the barrier gate controller