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What are the functions of the barrier? What is the working principle of the barrier?

What are the functions of the barrier gate? What is the working principle of the barrier gate?

1 What is a barrier gate?

Barrier Gate, also known as car stopper, was originally introduced from abroad. The English name is Barrier Gate. It is a channel entrance and exit management equipment that restricts motor vehicles on roads. It is now widely used in highway toll stations, parking lots, communities, enterprises and institutions. At the door, to manage the entry and exit of vehicles. The electric barrier can be realized by remote control alone, and can also be automatically managed by the parking lot management system (ie IC card management system). According to the place where the barriers are used, the gate poles can be divided into straight poles, 90 degree curved poles, 180 degree folded poles and fences.

The barrier is composed of a gearbox, a motor, (or hydraulically) transmission mechanism, a balancing device, a chassis, a brake rod bracket, and a brake rod.

With the continuous development of the automobile industry and the ever-increasing number of cars, the demand for barriers is also increasing, and higher requirements are put forward for the performance of barriers. Such as the integrated movement of the road gate, clutch device, intelligent anti-lift function, return device in case of resistance, heating function (to ensure use in an environment of minus 40 degrees), ventilation cooling system (to reduce the temperature of the motor in time), automatic clutch device, anti-collision De-rod device, etc. The rise and fall speed of the rod ranges from 0.8 seconds to 6 seconds. The pole length is 0-7 meters, depending on the actual channel width on site.

Barriers have been increasingly developed to high-tech to meet market demand for products, and become key lane equipment in the management of parking systems.

2 The function of the barrier gate

  • Power-off manual opening function

After the barrier is powered off due to various reasons, the brake lever can be manually raised or lowered through the distributed clutch switch key to ensure that the channel control function of the vehicle can be implemented normally even in the event of a power failure.

  • Time protection function

In the process of opening or closing the gate, the electric control part of the gate automatically records the running time of the motor. When the running time of the motor exceeds a predetermined value, the output signal controls the motor to stop running to prevent the gate lever from running due to the failure of the photoelectric detection device Exceeding the limit position can cause smashing of the vehicle or damage to the barrier, which improves the reliability of system operation.

  • On priority function

During the operation of the barrier gate, no matter whether the gate lever is in the process of opening, closing or stopping, if the gate opening signal is output, the gate will immediately execute the opening (upward) action to prevent the vehicle from being smashed due to various reasons. Phenomenon.

  • Remote switch function

By configuring a dedicated triple electronic switch and remote control electronic switch, the switch and stop of the barrier can be controlled remotely and remotely.

  • Remote control interface

The electrical control part of the barrier can be equipped with a standard R485 interface, and the switch and stop of the barrier can be controlled by a remote computer or other equipment to realize remote automatic management.

  • Working temperature control function

After installing the temperature control device of the barrier, the electronic control part of the barrier automatically monitors the internal temperature of the barrier. When the temperature exceeds the predetermined temperature range, it automatically outputs a signal to control the temperature control device to start heating or ventilation, which improves the operation of the entire barrier. Reliability.

  • Auto-closing function when driving

After the vehicle detector is installed, it can realize the automatic closing of the barrier after the vehicle passes through the barrier, which improves the automation of the passage control system of the vehicle, and can ensure that the vehicle stops under the brake lever, and the brake lever never falls, which improves the passage The degree of security of management.

  • Luminous rod function

The standard barrier straight rod has a series of luminous rods. The brake lever illuminates to indicate the passage, which plays a role of warning and decoration.

3 Classification and main structure of barriers

Classification of barriers

According to the performance of the control part, it is divided into electromechanical barriers, digital barriers, and smart barriers. The smart barriers have LED display and voice broadcast functions.

According to the gate, it is divided into: fence gate, straight pole gate, curved arm pole gate

According to the landing speed, it is divided into: fast barriers, medium speed barriers, and slow speed barriers

According to the installation direction, it is divided into: left barrier gate, right barrier gate

The intelligent automatic barrier is installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, and the distance from the control machine is not less than 3 meters. It is composed of a box, a motor, a clutch, a mechanical transmission part, a railing, an electronic control, etc. It is a mechatronic product integrating magnetic, electrical and mechanical control.

Main structure of automatic barrier

Cabinet: After pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying polyester powder, enter the 295℃ high temperature drying room, and then undergo surface treatment processes such as hot melting for more than two hours to obtain excellent weather resistance, scrubbing resistance, UV resistance, and no fading Performance.

Integrated movement: The movement integrates four major parts such as worm gear reducer, torque conversion mechanism, spindle support, and main bracket. The use of 45# steel integral precision casting is formed by a large-scale CNC machining center at one time, which greatly reduces the number of internal parts and greatly improves the overall reliability of the equipment and the consistency of batch quality. This process is unique among similar products, creating a precedent for mass production of high-quality, high-priced barrier gates.

Frequency conversion motor: NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion speed control self-encoding motor. The speed of the motor can accurately follow the change of the input frequency, and the torque is constant when the speed changes greatly. When the power and speed are the same, compared with other commonly used motors, its starting impulse current and volume are the smallest, but its torque is 2 to 3 times that of other motors, and when the motor is locked for a long time, the working current of the motor is not Will rise. Therefore, the lifting of the gate rod can be very stable, and the time-consuming opening (or closing) of the gate can be accurately controlled. The theoretical accuracy reaches 1/1000 second, and the motor will never be damaged under any circumstances (excluding overvoltage usage) .

Stroke control system: The unique mechanism composed of the encoding positioning system and the above-mentioned self-encoding variable frequency motor eliminates all the existing mechanical, photoelectric, electromagnetic and other travel switches, and realizes the automatic learning, memory and repair of the stroke. There are no parts that need to be adjusted, maintained, and may be damaged.

Moment balance mechanism: A unique balance mechanism is used to easily balance a horizontal railing with a length of 1-6 meters or a curved arm railing with joints using only one spring.

Electrical control unit: a highly reliable, highly integrated control system with a microchip as the core. In addition to the integrated infrared code controller, airbag sensor controller, torque sensor, infrared on-beam controller, ground sensor controller, all solid-state motor drive controller, gate motion position controller, power supply system and tuner.

Optional devices: pressure radio wave anti-smashing device, remote control device, infrared detection and protection device or ground sensing detection and protection device, ID/IC card intelligent parking lot management system and other configurations.

4 The working principle of the barrier

The gate control board controls the motor to rotate forward and backward according to the operating instructions; the motor drives the input shaft of the reducer to rotate; the reducer is on the output shaft of the reducer and drives the rocker arm to rotate up and down 180° in the second half of the circle; the rocker arm of the reducer passes through the lower joint bearing , The connecting rod and the upper joint bearing drive the spindle drive arm to move up and down within the range of 90° in the second half of the circle; the spindle drive arm drives the gate rod connected with the spindle to move up and down within the range of 90° horizontally and vertically.

If the barrier is manually controlled by visual inspection, the lifting height of the barrier can be determined; if it is an automatic barrier, then the limit of the automatic barrier rod to the vertical position is the vertical position magnet on the cam sensing the vertical position on the bracket It is controlled by a hall sensor; similarly, the horizontal position is controlled by a horizontal magnet induction horizontal hall sensor.

5 Tips for buying and selling barriers

When purchasing barriers, you can choose according to your needs, and choose according to the speed of falling: Express barriers are suitable for road management, such as expressway toll stations. Medium-speed barriers are suitable for civilian use, such as residential quarters, smart buildings, parking lots, etc. Slow barriers are mainly suitable for industrial fields. According to the selection of the barrier gate control method: the barrier gate has three modes: manual control, remote control, and communication control (access control machine control), which should be selected according to actual needs.

Precautions for purchase

The barrier is an important part of the parking lot management system, and its stability affects the operation of the entire system. Once the barrier fails, it will affect the operation of the entire parking lot. When purchasing a barrier, you must compare prices, performance, quality, and quality. Here are some suggestions on how to purchase barriers for your reference.

  • 1. Is it a regular manufacturer: Does the manufacturer have a production license? The quality of general brand products is guaranteed, and the warranty period is relatively long.
  • 2. Pay attention to the quality: whether it is waterproof and lightning-proof, whether it is sturdy and durable, whether the design is reasonable, whether it can work normally in harsh environments such as high temperature and cold.
  • 3. Pay attention to the movement: the movement of the barrier is a key factor affecting the accuracy and stability of the barrier, so you must pay attention to the selection when purchasing. It is best to use an integrated movement structure, so as to avoid accidents caused by spring breaking, and at the same time, the installation and commissioning are simpler and more convenient.
  • 4. Whether the main board is stable: Check whether the main board of the barrier gate has functions such as circuit self-check, lightning protection, time protection, etc. These functions determine whether the barrier gate can run adaptively within a certain load range, and is affected by external environment temperature and load changes. Under stable operation.

6 How to install the barrier

Choice of installation location

Determine the installation location of the barrier according to the customer’s requirements, and pay attention to the following requirements:

  • 1. The installation position must be such that the barrier rod of the road gate can run in the vertical and horizontal angles.
  • 2. If the installation foundation is not used, the installation surface must be able to firmly fix the box body so that the baffle rod can operate stably.
  • 3. If you do the installation foundation, it is recommended to use quick-drying cement, and the installation foundation should not be less than 800*800*150MM installation surface level.

Determination of mounting hole position

  • 1. The mounting holes can be determined by the following dimensions on the mounting surface.
  • 2. Determination of the installation hole position. You can also place the barrier gate box on the installation surface, and mark the installation surface through the installation hole position of the box.

Power cord laying

Lay the power cord from the power source into the barrier box. The specification of the power cord is RVV3×1.5mm² or larger.

Box installation

  • 1. Use an impact drill with a diameter of 14 mm to drill holes in the installation hole with a depth of about 100 mm.
  • 2. Drive an expansion bolt with a diameter of 12MM into the mounting hole, tighten the nut, and then withdraw the nut.
  • 3. Put the barrier box on the installation hole, tighten the nut while adjusting the verticality of the barrier to make the box vertical, and finally fix the box firmly.

Fixed stop bar

Align the stop rod clamp plate with the hole position of the stop rod rod, insert a bolt with a diameter of 12mm, and then fix the stop rod on the stop rod fixing plate of the barrier box.

7 Common faults and maintenance of barriers

  • 1. The coil of the barrier is loose: when the local induction coil cannot be firmly fixed in the nest, the vibration of the car over the road will cause the deformation of the coil in the nest and change the initial inductance of the ground. At this time, the sensor must be reset before it can be used. normal work. The solution is to pour melted asphalt into it to fix it.
  • 2. The joint screws of the barrier are loose: the joint screws are connected by positive and negative threads, and the upper and lower bearings are connected by a double-head screw. If the screws are loose, the upper and lower positions will be inaccurate. Insert an 80MM long Ф4 iron rod between the double-headed screws and turn the adjustment gate rod up and down.
  • 3. The turning arm screw of the barrier is loose: If this screw is loose, it will cause the barrier of the barrier to be inaccurately up and down and shake the bar when stopping. Just suspend the bolt and lock the nut.
  • 4. In-position control magnet shifting: The upper and lower in-positions all use Cmin Hall elements. If the position of the rectangular magnet and the cam disc of the reducer changes, the in-position may be inaccurate. The problem can be solved by adjusting it accurately and not turning it over.
  • 5. Power-off protection switch: When the control part of the barrier fails, the automatic protection device of the barrier will automatically work. At this time, the barrier lever stops at the inclined up position and does not move, the main power supply is disconnected, and the machine does not work. At this time, open the door of the machine, and turn the large belt clockwise 3-8 times to the upper position to recover. If the original state cannot be restored for so many times, it is necessary to check whether the Hall element and the circuit board are malfunctioning.
  • 6. The adjustment nut of the pull-down hook is loose: there is a threaded M10 pull-down hook in the lower part of the chassis, and its function is to pull the spring of the balance mechanism and adjust the zero point of the balance function. It is also equipped with two M10 hexagon nuts and Ф10 spring washers. If the nuts are loose, knocking noises and imbalance will occur when the machine is running. Although the machine can still run after the imbalance, it will greatly aggravate the reducer, motor and other transmissions. The load of the mechanical parts affects the reliability and mechanical life of the barrier gate operation.

8 Maintenance of barriers

With the continuous development of the automobile industry and the increasing number of cars, the demand for barriers is also increasing. The barriers occupies a very important position in the parking lot system. Once the barriers fail to operate, the parking system is basically paralyzed. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the parking lot system, its maintenance is particularly important.

  • 1. Check once a month whether the fasteners are loose or fall off and fasten them in time. Loose screws can easily lead to improper lifting of the barriers and other failures.
  • 2. Frequently remove dust and debris on the surface of the cabinet and keep the surface of the barrier clean. The cleanness of the surface can give people a good image and at the same time prevent the system body from rusting.
  • 3. Add lubricating oil to all movable connection accessories every 3 months to maintain a good lubrication state. Every 6 months, professionals should check the wear-prone conditions and replace the worn parts in time.
  • 4. Check the balance spring after running 30,000 times and make balance adjustments in time. The spring is easy to deform and may change over time, so be careful.
  • 5. The remote control distance is too short, please check whether the host installation location is covered by metal objects or whether the battery power is sufficient.
  • 6. The remote control battery uses DC12V, 23A batteries, with a service life of one year, pay attention to replace the battery, and do not get damp, smashed, or bumped.

External maintenance

The current barrier gates on the market are made of 304 stainless steel, which is rust-proof and durable. The cleaning frequency can be set as once a week: the main purpose is to clean the exterior, remove rust spots, polish the exterior of the chassis with a soft cloth and fossil powder, and apply anti-rust oil. Do not wipe the newly applied anti-rust oil by hand, etc. 3- It can be touched by hand after 5 hours of natural drying, otherwise it will destroy the anti-rust effect of the surface.

Circuit part maintenance

According to the previous usage, check whether there is a problem with the electronic control part. If there is no problem, check whether the power supply is exposed and bandaged, the wires are arranged, and whether the wires are aging, replace them, refer to the manual, and check the parameters of each part. If there is a problem, follow the path to find the source of the problem and replace individual electronic components.

Internal movement maintenance

As the heart of the machine, the movement of the barrier must be well maintained. The maintenance frequency is generally once a month: first open the upper cover and cut off the power, clean the surface dust, clean the transmission part first, and then add butter or high-concentration engine oil for lubrication. Check whether the fasteners are loose, tighten the fasteners, check the wear of the wearing parts, if you find that the wear level exceeds the specified parts, replace them in time, check whether the positioning arm and the positioning plate have a gap of more than 3mm If there is, replace it in time. Add butter or oil to the solenoid valve core to reduce resistance and get lubricated when the solenoid valve moves left and right, but not too much, or it will be counterproductive.