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What are the common sense of security doors

Security door use common sense:


  • 1. Except for the full rain-proof security door, other types of security doors cannot be exposed to rain, and must be covered with a canopy when used in the open air.
  • 2. There should be no large metal objects within 1 meter around the security gate, such as large iron gates, elevators, and large iron pillars.
  • 3. The installation of the security door must be fixed firmly to avoid shaking of the door body caused by strong wind or collision.
  • 4. Keep away from objects that generate magnetic fields, such as distribution boxes, electrical equipment, etc.

By specifying:

  • 1. Pass through the queue one by one, not crowded, not intentionally slow.
  • 2. When not calling the police, the first person walks out of the door and the second person can pass through; when calling the police, you need to wait for the sound of the alarm to stop before you can pass.
  • 3. Do not collide with the door body when passing.
  • 4. When passing through, no person carrying metal objects can pass through the outside of the door panel.


  • 1. Stains on the surface of the door can be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • 2. Oil stains and difficult-to-clean stains can be wiped with thinner, alcohol, and machine water.
  • 3. It needs to be turned off for more than 2 hours a day to prevent the overheating of long-term working components and reduce performance.