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What are the causes of failure of electric doors?

Causes of failure of electric doors

Due to the complicated structure of the electric door, the probability of failure is relatively high. In many cases, electric doors will have a few small problems. Here, I only need to talk about two phenomenon analysis and treatment methods.
Electric doors sometimes show no response regardless of whether it is operated by a computer or on-site. Checking the power supply reveals that the electric door is not powered. What is the reason?
You can first check whether the electric door mechanism is sinking, whether the travel switch is normal, whether the remote and local switches are well energized, whether the protection switch in the door head is normal, etc., if the green light is on, it is a normal villa door, if it is a red light There will be a lack of items. If the traffic lights are on, it means the fault protector is out of order. If the traffic lights are not on, it means the quality of the fault protector.
If you want the electric door to return to normal, you can short-circuit the normally closed contact of the broken item protector, and then the electric door can resume normal operation.

There is also a phenomenon that the switching direction of the electric door is wrong. This is not a problem of the motor phase sequence, but to check whether the three direct resistances of the electric door motor are balanced, whether the light-opening stroke is correct, and whether the mechanism of the electric door is sinking. If the motor lacks one item, the rotation of the electric door motor is in a free state, and it turns in which direction is light, so the switching direction of the electric door is a problem, so the problem of the lack of the electric door motor is to be solved.