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What are the Advantages of Cylindrical Swing Gates?

What are the Advantages of Cylindrical Swing Gates?

Nowadays, many customers and friends prefer swing gates when choosing turnstiles. There are also different types of swing gates. Let me introduce the advantages of cylindrical swing gates.

The reliability of the swing gate is based on the reliability of the various components of the gate and the way of integration. Because its base parts are selected from very good quality, third. The integration method mainly depends on the design and selection of the control unit and the communication method.

Therefore, it is also the first choice for many companies to choose the access gate. The cylindrical swing gate is the most beautiful one among the current gates. But there are also many friends who don’t understand the cylindrical swing gate very well. Today I will understand the advantages of the cylindrical swing gate relative to other turnstiles.

The functional characteristics and scope of application of the swing gate

​Access control gate manufacturers share that the swing gate has fault self-checking and alarm prompt functions, which is convenient for users to maintain and use; the swing gate can program the operating status of the device through the built-in small button on the main control board; the swing gate is anti-pinch and anti-collision Injury function, when the swing arm is in the process of resetting, the motor will automatically stop working within the specified time, and reset again after the default delay (until the reset), and the force is very small (≤2Kg);

The trend of cylindrical swing gates is single-post double pendulum, first of all. Slender type, the key element to enhance beauty and generosity;

In general, infrared photoelectricity is used to detect the flow of people, and secondly. When an error is detected, an error sound will be emitted, and pedestrians will not be hit to form unnecessary entanglements, and the safety is greatly improved.

The characteristics of various swing gates in different occasions

The common turnstile barriers include swing gates, cross turnstiles, speed gates, turnstiles, wing gates, face recognition systems, full-height turnstiles, etc. We must know that the barriers required for different occasions are also different Yes, let’s analyze the application characteristics in different occasions for everyone.

What are the Advantages of Cylindrical Swing Gates?