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What are the advantages and disadvantages of face recognition technology?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of face recognition technology?

Face recognition is no stranger to most people nowadays. Face recognition technology will be applied to many scenes in our lives, such as clocking in at work, payment, access control, security and so on. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of face recognition technology?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of face recognition technology?

Advantages of face recognition technology

  • 1. Naturalness refers to the confirmation of identity by observing the natural facial biometrics of people. The recognition method is very convenient, and the user does not need to carry any documents or perform additional operations.
  • Second, it is not easy to detect. The recognized face image information can be obtained actively, which can make the measured individual undetected. Face recognition is the use of visible light to obtain the face image information, or the multi-light source face image recognition that combines infrared and visible light Technology. This special collection method can be undetected, and will not fall into a situation of being disguised and deceived.
  • 3. Non-contact. Compared with other biometric technologies, face recognition is non-contact, and the user does not need to directly contact the device with the face, which can satisfy multiple people at the same time for continuous recognition and sorting of facial image information.
  • Fourth, non-intrusive, the non-contact of face recognition also brings a non-intrusive experience to the person being collected. The collection of the face does not require the cooperation of the collected person or the intervention of the staff. Moreover, human faces are exposed biological characteristics, and the recognition and collection of human faces is easily accepted by the public.

Disadvantages of face recognition technology

Because of the similarity of human faces, there is little difference between different individuals. The structure of all human faces is similar. The addition of makeup concealment and the natural similarity of twins increases the difficulty of recognition. There is also the variability of the human face, the shape of the human face is very unstable, and many expressions can be generated through the change of the face, and the visual image of the human face is also different at different viewing angles. In addition, face recognition is also affected by many factors such as lighting conditions, many coverings on the face, and age.

Shenzhen Elefine Technology believes that the advantages of face recognition technology can enable it to be applied in more places, and with the advancement and maturity of technology, the disadvantages of face recognition technology will also be improved.