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What are advertising barriers and what are the application scenarios of advertising barriers?

What are advertising barriers and what are the application scenarios of advertising barriers?

First, what is an advertising barrier?

Advertising barriers, also known as barriers advertising, advertising barriers, barrier media, etc., are a combination of traditional automatic barriers and modern advertising machine equipment. It is usually installed at the entrances and exits of high-end residential areas, office buildings, hotels, and shopping plazas. It is a new type of advertising media by using exquisite advertising screens and publishing advertisements on the box.

Second, the application scenarios of advertising barriers.

  • Advertising barriers are installed at the entrances and exits of the property, which are the only places people must pass through. According to the physiological response of people, when the opened barriers are released for car owners and owners, the audience will definitely pay attention to the activity space in front of them to ensure that it is safe to pass. , So the barrier advertising has the effect of compulsory dissemination.
  • Advertisements are installed at the entrances and exits of the property. Owners must see them every time they enter and exit. This greatly increases the exposure frequency of advertisements and makes audiences have a deep impression on the contents of advertisements, which will inevitably produce deep memory and recognition in the audience’s psychology. Have a better brand awareness of the company and products!
  • Installed at the gates of high-end residential areas, office buildings, hotels, shopping plazas: windproof, motor thermal protection, anti-lightning, anti-surge beautiful advertising screens, through the advertising on the box, as a new advertising medium. Abandoning homogenous competition, and even giving up 60% of the general audience, targeting 40% of the cutting-edge consumer groups in the city—the group with cars and houses, but this group of people accounts for 85% of the consumer market Purchasing power!
  • The most basic functions of outdoor advertising are information dissemination function, economic function, social function, cultural function, educational function, guiding function, etc. The main function is to establish the brand image of cities and commodities, improve the cultural and educational level of city currency, set up in the “market mark” area or key area of ​​the selected target city, demonstrate strength, establish a strong brand image, and establish brand leadership. Compared with TV, newspaper, radio, outdoor advertising. There is no advertising medium of any kind around the barriers. In the vacuum area of ​​the advertisement with the community, in a quiet and warm media environment, the owners who use it have a very strong memory of the advertising brand.
  • If you cover a designated community and use barrier advertising, you can easily get it done with just a few entrances and exits! But if you use other media, you need at least dozens of advertising spaces! (There are at least dozens of elevators in the community), so the high cost performance of the barrier advertising is unmatched by all media prices!

As far as media costs are concerned, this media has an absolute advantage. A unique advertising barrier and a piece of exquisite pictures do not require huge advertising costs. The advertising target is directed at high consumers, and the advertising reach rate is 100%! Only a small amount of advertising investment at a time can bring over-value returns, which truly provides a low-cost, high-return print media platform for advertisers.

For the dissemination of advertisements, pedestrian passageway advertising gates use communities or commercial areas as outdoor media placement areas, and shift the target group from a dispersed mobile group to a stable targeted regional customer group. The target positioning is more accurate and the advertisement placement is more accurate. Pertinent, long-term and stable advertising visual presentation is more conducive to the formation of subtle advertising effects, and is the most competitive low-cost and high-yield advertising communication carrier in the future.

What are the advertising barriers and the application scenarios of advertising barriers are summarized here. Advertising barriers have very good advantages: high cost performance, low publicity interference, high repetitive exposure, etc., which can effectively promote publicity. I believe that the use of it will become more and more widespread.

What are advertising barriers and what are the application scenarios of advertising barriers?