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Built in Computer Human Body Comprehensive Tester Wrist Foot Antistatic Electrostatic Strap Tester

Built in Computer Human Body Comprehensive Tester Wrist Foot Antistatic Electrostatic Strap Tester

Model No.: EF-ESDT104

Built in Computer Human Body Comprehensive Tester Wrist Foot Antistatic Electrostatic Strap Tester

1. Product introduction

Model No.: EF-ESDT104

This product is the latest high-tech human body comprehensive tester developed by our company. This product is equipped with a 3.4-inch display screen, which can display the test values. Chinese and English menus are optional on the interface, which can display temperature and humidity, and has a real voice prompt function. The test results can be accurate to two decimal places, which is the product with high test accuracy on the market at present, and the test accuracy can be guaranteed to be within ±10% in the range of the measuring range.

2. Product working principle and composition

2.1. Working Principle

When the tester stands on the pedal and touches the test button, a circuit will be formed between the electrostatic shoes worn by the person and the electrostatic test pedal, (the electrostatic test pedal and the floor should be insulated) We measure this circuit Resistance, when the loop resistance is within a specified range, it proves that the conductive performance of the electrostatic shoes is good and the electrostatic voltage carried by the personnel is within a safe range. At this time, personnel entering the static control area will not damage precision electronic products due to the release of their own electrostatic charges. If the static electricity test fails, you will not be allowed to enter the static control area. Please replace the static protection equipment and eliminate your own static electricity. You can enter the relevant area only after passing the test.
This product is distinguished by the split foot pedal and the single and double loop wrist strap, that is, the test of both feet and hands is qualified at the same time, avoiding the previous one-piece test method, and equipped with a liquid crystal display screen, the test is more accurate and the test The speed is faster and the test results are more intuitive. It is the best supporting equipment for your company’s electrostatic control methods!

2.2, Product Composition

3.4 inch LED display+test motherboard+test pedal+speaker+12V power supply+air switch
1. Temperature and humidity display
2. Wrist strap numerical display
3. Left foot value display
4. Right foot value display
5. Inductive test button
6. Electrostatic discharge area
7. Wrist strap jack (double loop wrist strap jack can be replaced as needed)

3. Product Features

3.1. The product is powered by 9V, safe voltage
3.2. Inductive test button, durable
3.3, LED display, accurate understanding of specific values
3.4. Whether the real-life voice prompts the alarm to pass the test
3.5, with the function of discharging static electricity
3.6. Optional test methods, only hand test, foot test only or full test
3.7. Display temperature and humidity to understand the surrounding environment of the device
3.8. The test range can be freely set as needed
3.9. The test speed is fast, and the value can be displayed to two decimal places
3.10, with air switch, high security
4. Product parameters
4.1. Volume: length 245mm*width 160mm*height 1030mm
4.2. Weight: 14.4KG (with test pedal)
4.3. Input voltage: AC220V 50HZ
4.4. Withstand voltage: DC5~12V (standard power supply 9V 1A)
4.5. Working current: 300mA
4.6. Test response speed: 0.5S
4.7. Working temperature: -10°C~60°C
4.8. Working humidity: 0%~90% (non-condensing)
4.9. Working hours: unlimited

5. System Parameters

Factory default settings (stand-alone version):
Wrist strap: 750KΩ~10MΩ Test range: 750KΩ – 10MΩ Accuracy ±10%

Electrostatic shoes: 750KΩ~100MΩ Test range: 750KΩ – 100MΩ Accuracy ±10%
The qualified range of electrostatic test can be freely set according to the user’s use conditions.

6. Feature & Function:

For this kind of ESD Turnstile series, no need software control, just do daily esd measure.

Support the Employee mode and guest mode. Employee mode need to use EM card and it can show Name, Card No.,Date&Time. It has four ESD modes as below:
A. Door opens after swiping EM card and wrist strap and footware test passed;
B. Door opens after swiping EM card and footware test passed
C. Door opens after swiping EM card and wrist test passed
D. Door opens directly after pressing buttons No need swiping EM card in guest mode. Door just opens after wrist and footware test passed
3. This tester is a triple play tester that combines checking attendance,access control and ESD testing.

7. Shipping List:

Vertical host + test pedal + fixing screw + manual + factory report + certificate

8. After-sales Policy:

This equipment provides a one-year warranty from the date of acceptance, but does not include man-made, natural disasters, force majeure or use not in accordance with the correct use method provided by the manufacturer.

9. Indoor Application:

Subway Station, Hoverport, Tourism Sports, Exhibition, Swimming Hall, Residence Area, Enterprise’s Entrance and Exit Attendance, Gateway Guard, Charge Management, Special Access Control

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