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Two-way Full-height Gate Face Recognition Barrier Turnstile

Two-way Full-height Gate Face Recognition Barrier Painted Turnstile

Model No.: EF-TH7204

  • Opening time: 0.1S
  • Communication interface: TCP
  • Operating life: 5 million times
  • Product size: 2200x2300mm

Two-way Full-height Gate Face Recognition Barrier Painted Turnstile


This product is made of exquisite stainless steel polished, fashionable and beautiful. It can effectively control the flow of people and provide effective security protection for restricted areas. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. By configuring a variety of different access control equipment (such as: remote control, button control, coin system, IC/ID card control system, fingerprint, palm print or face-equivalent biometric identification system), use reliable security protection devices and real-time alarms system, and jointly coordinate to realize the intelligent control and management of the channel.

Two-way full height gate face recognition barrier turnstile is durable, safe and reliable, suitable for high security and unattended occasions. The shell of the product is all made of stainless steel plate and stainless steel tube, and the internal components of the box are all made of stainless steel material or anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment, which is durable and anti-rust, and has strong resistance to damage.

Product Features:

  • With fault self-checking function, it is convenient for users to maintain and use.
  • There are a variety of working modes to choose from, which can limit the current of the two-way card reading, or can read the card while the other direction is prohibited, while the card is read and the other direction is free to pass.
  • It has two-way free passage when power off (or locks when power off), and automatically recovers and locks when power is on, so that people can be quickly evacuated in case of emergency.
  • Anti-collision function, the fence will be automatically locked when no signal of opening the gate is received.
  • When receiving the door opening signal, the electromagnet will open automatically, the arm will rotate 120 degrees or 90 degrees with the gentle push of the human hand, the door will stop rotating forward and lock automatically.
  • Using a unique transmission system to make the gate lock and unlock at the zero position more accurate and reliable.
  • It has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various reading and writing devices, and can receive relay switch signals to work, which is convenient for system integration.
  • It can realize remote control and management directly through the management computer.
  • With automatic reset function. After reading the valid card, if the passer does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the passer’s current pass authority, and the limited pass time can be set by the administrator.
  • The whole system runs smoothly with low noise;


  • Model No.: EF-TH7204
  • Opening time: 0.1S
  • Communication interface: TCP
  • Operating life: 5 million times
  • Product size: 2200x2300mm
  • Product function: intelligent access control one-way or two-way
  • Passing width: 600mm
  • Clearance height: 2000mm
  • Turnstile body specifications

Double door: 120 degree high turnstile / 90 degree high turnstile: outer diameter 2200mmX height 2300mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

  • Processing technology: CNC cutting, surface polishing, spraying
  • Equipment weight: 460KG (for reference only)
  • Door material: 201/304 stainless steel or paint
  • Main material stainless steel thickness: 2.5mm Fence thickness: 1.5mm
  • Arm length: 550mm (can be produced according to customer requirements)
  • Traffic width: 600mm
  • Power-off control mode: free passage/prohibited passage (optional)
  • Traffic mode: one-way, two-way (optional)
  • Traffic flow: normally closed mode 20 people/min; normally open mode 30 people/min
  • Shell protection: sealed and waterproof
  • Working voltage: AC220 ±10% V/50 ±10% HZ
  • Input interface: dry contact signal or 12V/24V pulse signal with pulse width ≥50ms, drive current ≥10mA
  • Turnstile opening and closing time: 1-2 seconds
  • Temperature: -40℃—— 80℃ Humidity: 5%——95%
  • Extended functions: counting function, display screen, direction indicator board, dome light, frame type barrier
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Working environment: indoor/outdoor
  • Product packaging: wooden frame packaging

Application Areas:

  • Commercially manage sensitive areas of office buildings, government buildings and industrial buildings
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Educational institutions, IT and R&D centers
  • Port terminals, airport staff entrances
  • Stations, tourist attractions
  • Parking lot pedestrian passage exit, high-end community
  • Company peripheral facilities, factory commuting channel
  • Prisons/corrections, public security bureaus
  • Nuclear power plants, high security areas
  • Military bases

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