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Difference between systematic and non-systematic sunshine rooms

The difference between systematic and non-systematic sunshine rooms

There are many differences between systematic sun rooms and non-systematic sun rooms. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s analyze them one by one!

  • Unsystematic sun room

That is, the structure is made of steel or ordinary aluminum material, and there is no system development. It was randomly selected by using materials available on the market. It is rigidly connected and welded for high adaptability and low functional consistency between materials. The arc is simple to make and the cost is low.

Rubber glass or sunshine board (PC board) is used as roofing material, which has the characteristics of blocking rain and light; PC board has strong impact resistance, 250 times stronger than traditional glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic; Good resistance to bending, even if the bending point of view reaches 80-90 degrees, it will not show bending.

There is no thermal insulation structure and no drainage system in the structure. The cross-sectional structure of the system is simple, and the elasticity of the system is not considered. More seriously, the materials and raw materials are confused. The surface material of the sun panel is made of plastic material, which will vibrate and make a lot of noise when it rains; the appearance is simple and atomized. Poor cleanliness, fast aging, high yellowing rate, serious hardening; high cracking, poor insulation, water immersion after cracking, and hydraulic coagulation cannot be eliminated.

  • Systematic sun room

he structure should be made of large-scale aluminum materials, and the support conditions of the site structure should have an elastic hinge structure, which is more suitable for controlling the structural deformation of the waterproof system and site conditions. .

There is no water drop sound on the glass, no noise problem, good transparency and light transmission, and hollow reflective glass should be used, which has a thermal insulation effect and reduces the influence of light. It can be solved by a variety of glass permutations and combinations. The humidity torrent condensation phenomenon is poor, the use of rubber safety glass can prevent damage after rupture, and there is no problem of plasticized yellow cracks.

low energy consumption, but high cost.
Preventive measures: If the construction technology requirements are high and strict, and the design level is not in place, instability will appear. The glass and structure must be properly separated to make it shockproof. It is necessary to design a suitable structure to ensure absolute strength, load bearing and safety.

Difference between systematic and non-systematic sunshine rooms