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Coin Operated Turnstiles
  • Coin Operated Turnstiles
  • Single Door Security Tandem Full Height Turnstile Turnlocks
  • Single Door Security Tandem Full Height Turnstile Turnlocks

Single Door Security Tandem Full Height Turnstile Turnlocks

Model No.: EF-TH7100

  • With low noise and no mechanical shock
  • With self-checking function for incoming calls
  • A variety of working modes to choose from
  • Gate will open automatically after power off, and automatically locked after power on
  • With unified and standard external electrical interface
  • Automatically count the number of people passing by
  • H. S. code of turnstile: 8530800000

Single Door Security Tandem Full Height Turnstile Turnlocks

Tandem Full Height Turnstile Description:

A Robust Perimeter Security Solution

Turnstile Gates Offers You the Best Mechanical Equipments of Superior and Durable Quality. The EF-30-TT Tandem Turnstile is a heavy duty full height high security turnstile. A tandem turnstile is essentially two turnstiles in one and has a smaller foot print than two single turnstiles put together. The function of the EF-30-TT Tandem Turnstile is to provide controlled access when entering or exiting a facility where high flow traffic is present. It can achieve this both mechanically (no access control system/software) such as a pool gate where the passage would be used for only exiting and no entry. Or electronically (with an access control system, card readers, fingerprint readers etc.) for keeping track of who is on and off site.

Besides the security of your entry and lobby, the perimeter security of your building is another important aspect to consider. The Turnlock 100 is a stainless steel full height turnstile that is extremely suitable for outside use. Its rugged construction ensures trouble free and dependable operation. The choice between three or four door wings allows you to adapt to the specific requirements concerning capacity, user comfort and security for your building.

We offer all the things of durable quality so that you can make the best use of it and also we are Turnstile software supplier so that you can smoothly get the software and set it according to that and make the best use of it with proper processing and after that it will work automatically as you want. Along with all these we also offer you the service of turnstiles maintenance so that its working is in proper manner and you can easily make the best use of it. Outdoor turnstiles are the best security gates that you can use and make your organization safer with great attractive look and also it will keep your assets secure.

Our full-height turnstile gates provide optimum access control and security for both indoor and outdoor installations. Finishes include stainless steel, galvanized steel, powder coat, and heavy gauge anodized aluminum.

Turnstiles are available in both mechanical (with optional self-centering) and electrical (with standard self-centering) models.

Transparent full-height turnstiles offer the ideal solution for applications needing secure access control along with aesthetic appeal.

  • Units are 7 foot 5 inches in height
  • Most models are available in galvanized steel, stainless steel, powder coated steel, or aluminum
  • Single or tandem (double gate) versions available

Main Characteristics

Ideal solution for pedestrian access control in areas which require high level of security,
Robust structure to endure harsh environmental conditions such as heavy rains, dust, wind, and extreme cold and hot weather,
Compact and modular structure which can be demounted easily to transport and assembly,
Elegant and aesthetic design with options like all stainless steel, all painted, main body painted, stainless steel arms etc. ,
Bidirectional, smooth and silent movement,
Can be integrated with various access control systems all demanded high-end functions.

Coin Operated Turnstiles

Coin Operated Turnstiles


Full height turnstiles are featured in many applications, including:
Manufacturing facilities
Transit stations

Installation Cases:

Security Tandem Full Height Turnstile Turnlocks

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