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Steel structure security guard box configuration

Steel structure security guard box configuration

  • 1. Features of steel structure sentry box:

1. The main frame is made of high-quality steel structure welded as a whole, with high strength and wind pressure resistance.

2. The top material adopts special waterproof hinge technology to solve the problem of water leakage.

3. The material surface of the sentry box is processed by a special process and made of fine workmanship. It has a unique style, a wide variety, beautiful, stable and durable. It is suitable for various passage levels, parking lots, properties, etc.

4. There are power sockets for air conditioners and other electrical appliances in the sentry box, which is convenient for use.

5. Different styles of post boxes can be designed and manufactured according to your special requirements.

  • 2. Steel structure sentry box configuration:

1. Wall part: the column adopts 100*100*3mm galvanized pipe, the keel adopts 80*60*3mm galvanized pipe, 12mm hot-bent glass, SUS304 stainless steel connector, aluminum alloy hundred pages, and the whole adopts automobile paint fluorocarbon spraying craft;

2. Top frame part: PVC gusset plate, calcium silicate plate, waterproof material, sandwich plate, 80*60*3mm galvanized pipe, 30*60*2mm galvanized pipe;

3. The chassis part: 10# channel steel, 30*60*2mm galvanized pipe, fir board, patterned aluminum board;

4. Door and window part: 12mm tempered glass door, stainless steel handle, aluminum alloy window, floor spring;

5. Standard configuration: ceiling lamp, switch, socket, hidden wiring, work surface, power box.

  • 3. Steel structure post box can be installed and configured:

Workbench + drawer + keyboard holder, air conditioner inside and outside brackets, energy-saving lamps, chairs, etc.

  • 4. Steel structure post production requirements:

The keel steel is pickled and rust-proof, welded and formed, the glass wall and the keel are connected with claw pieces, and the silicone structural adhesive is used to fill the seam. The top galvanized sheet is fully welded and polished. All exposed steel and plates are sprayed with fluorocarbon surface paint in two processes.

  • 5. Common specifications of steel structure sentry boxes:

1.2*1.5*2.5M, 1.5*1.5*2.5M, 2*2.5*2.5M, 2.0*2.0*2.5M, 3.0*3.0*2.5M, can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.

  • 6. Application scope of steel structure post box:

Urban streets and squares, parks, tourist attractions, large gatherings, transportation, factories and mines, oil fields, military camps, field operations, stations, docks, communities and other places.