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Smart Camera Application–Battery Detection

Smart Camera Application—–Battery Detection

  • In order to ensure the absolute standard of product appearance, Duracell China Co., Ltd. has a production speed of more than 1,200 pieces per minute. The Cognex In-Sight Micro 1400 smart camera was selected for product quality inspection, and the battery label position inspection, battery label printing quality inspection, and battery positive electrode defect inspection (flash inspection, photocell inspection, overwrap edge, overwrap edge, etc.) were selected. Too small, stain detection, battery type discrimination), battery negative defect detection (flash detection, photocell detection, misalignment measurement, overwrapped edge, overwrapped edge, stain detection, battery type discrimination), the detection speed of each battery is at Below 50ms, the detection accuracy is above 99.7%. ISM1400 perfectly meets all the detection requirements and has won unanimous praise from customers.
  • The moving speed of Duracell’s photocells on the production line is 1,200 per minute. When the sensor switch detects that each photocell passes by, the PLC’s high-speed counter will send trigger signals to the front-end label position detection camera and print detection camera to start the detection. After the two cameras are inspected, the labeled battery is heat-sealed to proceed to the next step of battery positive and negative defect inspection. Among them, label position detection and printing presence detection use multi-color point light source, positive and negative electrode defect detection uses multi-color coaxial light source, 4 cameras are equipped with 4 IO modules for product type switching and result output. The detection time of each position is adjusted within 50ms, the unqualified battery will be rejected by the rejection mechanism, and the qualified product will flow into the final packaging link.
  • In recent years, Duracell has been upgrading its product inspection technology on the production line every year. Almost all functions required by customers can be realized through the image processing software platform of Cognex smart cameras, which makes customers’ satisfaction with Cognex smart cameras continue to rise.