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Should the Community Install a Face Recognition Access Control System?

Should the Community Install a Face Recognition Access Control System?

With the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of novelties emerge in an endless stream in life. Not long after the 5G pilot was launched, the trend of upgrading residential access control has swept across the city. This time the access control has introduced a face recognition system. Is it reasonable to apply the seemingly novel face recognition technology to the community access control?
Face recognition technology is definitely today’s black technology
The face recognition access control collects face images and compares it with the face data stored in the background system. If it is confirmed that it is a residential resident, the access control can be unlocked. In this way, the resident does not need to carry a magnetic stripe card with him when going out, and efficient image acquisition The ability even saves users the time to pull out a card in their pocket.

Compared with traditional magnetic stripe card or fingerprint access control, face recognition access control is more difficult to crack. As long as the community purchases regular access control products, intelligent algorithms such as 3D acquisition, face search, and live detection will make it difficult to replicate the unlocking data.

As far as large and medium-sized cities are concerned, the proportion of rental housing in the community is relatively high, the personnel access is complicated, and the management of the floating population by the property is quite weak. The face recognition access control will effectively collect the specific information of the foreign population.

But face recognition access control is not particularly perfect.
The current face recognition technology is still not 100% successful, and even Huawei or Apple still use traditional digital passwords as the main unlocking method. If the face recognition access control is enabled in the community, it is a bit redundant to carry a magnetic stripe card. However, when the image acquisition conditions are not good, such as sudden rain, face recognition access control will be very troublesome.

The property company is the configurator of access control products, and the residents of the community have little ability to decide what kind of face recognition system to use. In this era of big data rampant, there can be ten sets of fingerprint data that can directly represent a person, but there is only one set of portrait data. Once these background data are leaked, it will be a very scary thing.

Community access control is not a one-person-one-card system, which will not be able to obtain the information of every person entering and leaving the community, and criminals still have opportunities.

Therefore, to create a harmonious community, it is necessary to improve personal qualities.

Has your community installed face recognition access control?