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Servo Motor Channel Fast Speed Turnstile Gate
  • Servo Motor Channel Fast Speed Turnstile Gate
  • Servo Motor Channel Fast Speed Turnstile Gate
  • Servo Motor Channel Fast Speed Turnstile Gate

Servo Motor Channel Fast Speed Turnstile Gate

Model No.: EF-SG8100

  • Customizable helmet recognition system
  • Customizable QR code recognition system
  • Customizable face recognition, fingerprint recognition system
  • Customizable LED/LCD screen display, real-time display of information such as the number of people entering and exiting
  • H. S. code of turnstile: 8530800000

Servo Motor Channel Fast Speed Turnstile Gate

  • Product name: pedestrian channel turnstile gates, servo channel gates
  • Application industry: construction sites, schools, clubs, tourist attractions, gyms, stations
  • Features: multiple door opening methods, illegal alarm, anti-shock, anti-pinch, automatic reset, multi-channel control

Servo Motor Channel Fast Speed Turnstile Gate

Product introduction

1. Function overview

Elefine EF-SG8100 servo motor channel gate is an intelligent channel management equipment developed, researched and produced by our company. The QL-TDZ 303 servo motor channel gate effectively combines sophisticated mechanical transmission, circuit board control, LED lighting effects and various reading and writing technologies into one. By configuring different reading and writing equipment, it can complete the intelligentization of the passage. Control and management.

Elefine EF-SG8100 servo motor channel gate machine frame adopts stainless steel laser cutting, CNC bending forming, beautiful appearance, simple control with servo control system, large speed range, servo motor with high speed and stable torque characteristics , And the servo motor itself has its own encoder, forming a high-precision and high-performance control system. In addition, the servo control system adopts a standard fast plug-in electronic interface, integrated QR code scanner and card reader, etc., which can easily integrate barcode, QR code, ID card, IC card and other reading and writing devices on the device , So as to provide an orderly and civilized way for entering and exiting personnel, and to prevent illegal personnel from entering and exiting. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of fire access, a special fire button interface is set in this system to automatically open the gate in an emergency and organize personnel Evacuate.

Servo Motor Channel Fast Speed Turnstile Gate

2. Functions and Features

  • 1. Elefine EF-SG8100 servo motor channel gate has anti-collision function. When a foreign object hits the gate in an unauthorized state, and the gate movement angle reaches the value set in the menu (such as 2°), the controller will start the brake The mechanism prevents the movement of the gate and activates the sound and light alarm. When the external force further increases, the brake controller will protect the gate from being broken. After the external force is removed, the gate automatically resets and the system is normal;
  • 2. With fault alarm prompt function;
  • 3. The RS485 communication is used as the basis between the two drives, and the mutual information and data are exchanged in real time. It is a high-performance and high-reliability field bus. Its support for distributed control or real-time control provides an effective guarantee for the communication between drives, ensuring the synchronization of the operation of the gate and the unity of the state;
  • 4. Servo motor drive mode is full closed loop control, high stability encoder is used as the position loop input unit, and superior proportional integral derivative algorithm is used to ensure accurate positioning of the gate during operation, fast response, stable operation, and no jitter delay Phenomenon; when the motor is running, there is no harsh whistle, the operation is smooth and unobstructed, the torque is suitable, and the service life is long;
  • 5. Multiple anti-pinch protection functions. When the swing gate of the gate is blocked and the actual operating current is greater than the anti-pinch protection current, the physical anti-pinch protection function will be triggered. Coupled with infrared anti-pinch protection function, multiple protection functions greatly reduce the occurrence of accidental injury;
  • 6. ​​It has an automatic reset function. After a pedestrian reads a valid card, if the pedestrian does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the pedestrian’s permission to pass this time;
  • 7. The unified standard external electrical interface can be connected to a variety of card readers, and remote control and management can be realized through the management computer;
  • 8. The entire system runs smoothly and has low noise.

Product details

Servo Motor Channel Fast Speed Turnstile Gate

Servo Motor Speed Turnstile Video

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