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Security Alarm Remote Control Fence Sliding Motor Folding Gate Electric Retractable Door

Security Alarm Remote Control Fence Sliding Motor Folding Gate Electric Retractable Door

Security Alarm Remote Control Fence Sliding Motor Folding Gate Electric Retractable Door

Product Details:

Electric telescopic door is aliased as “electric door” or “electric folding door”. Electric telescopic door is mainly composed of door body, driver and control system. The door body of the telescopic door is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and ordinary square pipe, and adopts the principle of parallelogram Hinged, telescopic, flexible and large stroke.

Automatic retractable door, according to “electric” is divided into ordinary type (power control box is required, the power part is in the control box) mechatronics type (power part, and logic circuit are on the body of the electric equipment. This kind of electric equipment is cost-effective, Good reliability), intelligent integration type (only adding liquid crystal display, electronic stroke, electronic torque, remote control debugging and other functions to mechatronics), intelligent integration is just an update to the body of the electrical equipment, the development of intelligent integration is The intelligent integration of the bus type, the update of the power components, the use of the frequency converter, and the frequency conversion type. Electric retractable doors are widely used in various industrial and mining plants, workshops, warehouses, computer rooms, garages and other occasions as movable walls, which greatly expands the application scope of electric retractable doors.


The electric retractable door is mainly composed of three parts: the retractable door body, the machine head and the controller.

  • 1. Telescopic door body: The telescopic door body is composed of main parts such as the door frame, cross brace, shaft (fixed shaft, sliding shaft) and door wheel. The door body is a metal structure as a whole, and is divided into stainless steel door body, aluminum alloy door body, and die-casting aluminum door body according to the material.
  • 2. Machine head: It is composed of a driver and an electrical part. It is fixed at one end of the door body to drive the door body to expand and contract, and is used in conjunction with the door body.

The driver is divided into ordinary type and robot type.

  • 3. Controller: It consists of a control box, a desktop controller and a handle remote control.

1) Control box: It is fixed in the machine head, and it receives the instructions from the controller to control the operation of the door.

2), desktop controller: mainly used by the duty personnel in the duty room.

3), the handle remote control: mainly equipped with vehicles, can control the opening and closing of the gate within 10-30 meters around the nose (depending on the radio communication environment on site).

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