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120° Rotary Half Height Turnstile Barrier Gate
  • 120° Rotary Half Height Turnstile Barrier Gate
  • 120° Rotary Half Height Turnstile Barrier Gate 1

120° Rotary Half Height Turnstile Barrier Gate

Model No.: EF-TH7001

  • Dimensions: L1400 mm X W300mm X H1000 mm
  • Cabinet material: 38 round tube, 1.2mm SS304
  • Channel width: ≤ 500mm
  • H. S. code of turnstile: 8530800000

120° Rotary Half Height Turnstile Barrier Gate


Turnstiles, also called rotary turnstiles, are developed from three-roller turnstiles, drawing on the characteristics of turnstiles (the biggest difference is that the blocking body is not a glass door, but a metal fence). According to the height of the blocking body, it can be divided into full-height turnstile (also called full-height turnstile or full-height turnstile) and half-height turnstile (also called half-height turnstile), and full-height turnstiles are more widely used.

The arresting body (gate rod) is generally composed of 3 or 4 metal rods parallel to the horizontal plane “Y” (also called three-bar turnstile) or “ten” shape (also called cross gate or cross turnstile), generally used The hollow and enclosed stainless steel tube is strong and not easy to deform, and can be blocked and released by rotating.

It is divided into mechanical type and semi-automatic type from the movement control method. In terms of the number of channels, there are single-channel, dual-channel, three-channel, four-channel, etc., and single-channel and dual-channel are more common.


  • 1. The security of full-height turnstiles is the highest among all turnstiles, and the only one that can be unattended among all turnstiles.
  • 2. It can achieve a single pass very effectively, that is, only one person can pass at a time, and the safety and reliability are relatively high.
  • 3. Strong waterproof and dustproof ability, strong adaptability to the environment, suitable for outdoor and indoor.

120° Rotary Half Height Turnstile Barrier Gate 1


  • 1. The channel width (referring to the width that allows pedestrians to pass) is relatively small, generally about 500mm.
  • 2. The traffic speed is relatively slow.
  • 3. Limited by the shape of the blocking body, it is not suitable for people with luggage.
  • 4. The plasticity of the appearance is not strong, and most of the styles are not beautiful.


Full-height turnstiles are suitable for unattended and security-required occasions, as well as some outdoor occasions where the environment is relatively harsh. Half-height turnstiles are suitable for occasions that require high traffic order, such as gymnasiums and prisons.

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