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Prefabricated Space Capsule B&B Room

Prefabricated Space Capsule B&B Room

Sleeping bags and cabins are a thing of the past.
The requirements of young people in terms of camp accommodation and other aspects are constantly changing. A sense of technology, comfort, and green sustainability are emerging needs of consumers.

All-steel structure frame and aluminum alloy shell, classic black and white two-color aesthetic design, original smooth and curved appearance, whole house smart home system… When camping enthusiasts walk into a campsite, what they see is not very “very” in the traditional sense Down-to-earth” living environment. On the contrary, the space capsule series products with post-modern design sense and technological core have given a new possibility to camping travel.

This flagship product, born in a factory, enabled prefabricated construction technology to re-open the gap in China’s outdoor accommodation market. Although this is not a new technology, there is still an essential difference between the prefabricated building tradition and the general innovation. There have been reports describing the changes that space capsules have brought to China’s prefabricated construction industry: As an enterprise that has stepped out of the traditional construction industry, we are “constructing space with the manufacturing method of industrial products.”

The design, material selection, factory production and assembly cycle, and intelligent system configuration are all different from traditional container-style assembly buildings. This kind of prefabricated guest room that does not lay foundations, is not limited to terrain, can go deep into the hinterland of the scenic spot, and can be installed within two hours has become a new option for outdoor sleeping.
The cosmic metal shell, smooth curved exterior design, panoramic windows and built-in intelligent IoT system, a camping and living style that is richer in experience than a caravan and closer to nature than ordinary homestays, is rapidly filling the last stage of rural economic revitalization. Kilometers, and at the same time continue to stimulate the recovery of economic vitality around the city.

The prefabricated building, as the name suggests, is to complete the overall assembly in the factory, and then transport the assembled space capsule to the campsite. Compared with general building types, this kind of camp building does not need to change the nature of the local land, and at the same time, it is easy to install, and can quickly put the camping site into use, welcoming the “backpackers” who experience the natural scenery.
The finished product is the finished product when it leaves the factory, and it can be used immediately after being connected to water and electricity on site, which greatly speeds up the delivery efficiency and minimizes the damage to the environment caused by on-site engineering
High-tech smart micro hotel with novel style
No foundation is laid, no terrain is limited, it goes deep into the hinterland of the scenic spot, and it takes two hours to land and install.
Customized on demand, 30 days of production and manufacturing in the workshop.
Ecological and environmental protection, no plants or trees will be destroyed, and the landform will be restored after demolition.
Independent research and development of ultra-low water, electricity, and heating energy consumption systems to cope with resource-scarce scenic spots.
Super thermal performance, the minimum adaptability to -30 ℃ environment.
The whole house independently develops an outdoor hotel intelligent system, and one-click check-in on the mobile APP.
Cost-effective single micro-living cabin, with controllable scale and short payback period.