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Pay attention to safety during May Day holiday

On the May Day holiday of 2022, we would like to extend our festive greetings to all staff. In order to pass the holiday of happiness and peach, we remind the staff of the following points:

  • First, all departments should organize a security check before the festival, conduct comprehensive security self-inspection, and eliminate all security risks. Includes: the room that does not leave a person to lock the door window, unused equipments should cut off power; the continuous use of equipment shall be assigned to the duty of the special person to ensure the use of safety; important articles should be kept in good care.
  • 2. A security education is held for the staff on duty. Education attendants are on duty to observe the company system and improve safety awareness.
  • 3. The departments shall strengthen the management of the warehouse articles before the festival, and strictly implement the regulations on the management of the warehousing.
  • 4. Do a good job in vehicle safety management and strictly examine and approve festive vehicles. The driver should obey the traffic rules and pay attention to the safety of the driving. Driving under the influence of drunken driving, fatigue driving and overspeed driving are strictly prohibited.
  • 5. All employees must keep their mobile phones on during the May Day holiday, so that they must have a roaming service in the field so as to keep in touch. Go home to visit family members, pay attention to the safety of the road, timely purchase of return tickets, to prevent delay of holiday due to a ticket shortage.

We should pay attention to safety during May Day holiday.