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Overview of Face Recognition Wing Gate Scheme for Smart Construction Sites

Overview of Face Recognition Wing Gate Scheme for Smart Construction Sites

“Smart construction site” uses technologies such as pedestrian access gate network networking, cloud computing and other technologies to build an intelligent remote construction site supervision system, completely changing the traditional construction site working methods and management modes of all parties involved in the construction site, and providing real-time monitoring services for regulatory authorities, construction companies, etc. Efficient construction site management solutions.

Smart construction site wing gate application scenarios:

Overview of Face Recognition Wing Gate Scheme for Smart Construction Sites

Construction sites belong to areas with complex environments and complex personnel, and are characterized by scattered construction sites, difficult construction safety management, easy occurrence of safety problems, and difficulties in investigation and evidence collection. The traditional on-site management mode of engineering has completely failed to meet the market needs of sustainable development. Construction companies and regulatory authorities urgently need to use scientific and technological means to promote innovation in construction site management, face recognition wing gates, and build an intelligent, efficient and green “smart construction site”.

Construction site face recognition wing gate IoT personnel control

As the most important productivity factor in construction work, labor force pays close attention to the number of workers in each work area, and reasonably allocates the number of work in each type of work, which is of great significance to ensure construction progress and reasonable process handover.

Combining the wireless radio frequency technology of wing gates with traditional construction safety measures, and establishing the personnel management module of the IoT cloud platform, it will effectively and quickly help the project understand the distribution of workers on the construction site, and conduct personnel according to the construction situation.

At the same time, the gate system will manage personnel attendance, security patrol inspection, personnel entry and exit, etc. The face recognition wing gate intelligent IoT platform conducts comprehensive management to improve the safe entry and exit of project staff, and non-related personnel refuse to enter the construction site and other control.