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Outdoor portable toilet

Outdoor portable toilet

The toilet is a very important facility that expresses the details of the city. It plays a unique role in the operation and development of the city, and this role cannot be replaced. Today we will share with you, how do public toilets provide these services in our daily life?

【social service】

When people travel outside, they may encounter internal emergencies, so public toilets are necessary and convenient places. Therefore, it can be said that public toilets are an important facility to promote social activities and even social progress.

【Various additional services】

Since the implementation of the toilet revolution in my country, public toilets have provided various additional services for the public, and also provided good conditions for savvy advertisers to publish commercial advertisements. Single room, better provide special services for the weak. Therefore, the space of public toilets is one of the important windows to reflect the government’s service awareness.

【Enrich the city culture】

Public toilets have gradually evolved from simple pits to simple buildings, independent buildings, and even modern buildings. It can be said that it records the trajectory of Chengcheng’s development, and it is also the epitome of our characteristic cultural development.

Because public toilets are located in different regions, there are considerable differences in usage habits and construction requirements. This has formed different toilet cultures. This culture is integrated into the culture of the city where it is located, and it will form a unique cultural online. Existence enriches the treasure house of human culture.