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One Passage Automatic Full-height Rotor Turnstile for Internal and External Use

One Passage Automatic Full-height Rotor Turnstile for Internal and External Use

Model No.: EF-TH7500

One Passage Automatic Full-height Rotor Turnstile for Internal and External Use


The EF-TH7500 electromechanical full height rotor turnstile is designed for management of pedestrian flows and access control at entrance points of facilities and areas with high security requirements and necessity for full closure of the passageway.
For protection against downfalls and climbing over, the turnstile may be supplied with a protective canopy to be joined into a Single portal structure with the turnstile.
The power and control Cables can be routed to the EF-TH7500 turnstiles in two ways: from below, through the post of barrier arms, or from above, through the drive girder, which is an advantage in case of the installation of the turnstiles in a row.
Turnstiles can be installed back-to-back without gaps and transition elements, also including the case of use of the EF-TH7500 protective canopy.
This turnstile is suitable for indoor use and also might be used as a part of perimeter security alarm system.
For simplification and quality improvement of the assembling, the extra foundation frame can be used. By means of this frame, the turnstile can even be installed on an unstable ground.
The turnstile is provided with bright built-in LED indicators to show if access is granted or denied. Optionally the remote light indicators can be connected.
The EF-TH7500 can be operated from the remote control panel included in a standard delivery set or a wireless remote control (optionally) and can be easily integrated into most access control systems. The operating modes are set up independently for each passage direction.

Turnstile Features:

  • Two built-in mechanical release locks, one for each passage direction, allow unlocking the turnstile with a key for free passage in case of power failure.
  • High security access control
    When you need to protect the perimeter of your facilities, full height turnstiles are the ideal solution. Where you need to control access through a specific entrance or exit our turnstiles can be linked to any access control system, token system, coin fee paid entry system or any other external operating device.
  • Simple operation
    These single lane mechanical tripod turnstiles are straight forward and familiar to most users. The steel arms can rotate in one or two directions, controlled by an access control system, movement detectors, push button, guard station, reception desk or a combination of systems.

One Passage Automatic Full-height Rotor Turnstile for Internal and External Use


  • Stadiums and Arenas

Our range of turnstiles are incorporated in applications including stadiums and arenas, perimeter and interior security, recreation and amusement parks, retail crowd control and lobby access control. The offer a comprehensive range of options and basic features to suit individual clients’ requirements, such as: canopies, lighting, fire alarm & access control interfaces, to allow free rotation. We have a new product range for public convenience turnstile access control.

  • Turnstile Hire

We are able to provide turnstile hire & short term turnstile rental. Either full height turnstiles or waist half height turnstiles are available. These turnstiles are designed to control temporary access for occasions such as concerts, sports events, meetings, rallies, exhibitions, or anywhere you need to control access into the site.

Our short term turnstile hire service is an ideal solution to provide an enormous temporary increase to the number of visitors you can safely grant access to your site. With decades of experience designing, building and deploying turnstiles, EDS have the stock and engineering expertise to help you determine how many turnstiles of which types you need, and the best positions for them on your site.

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