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Nine Common Failures of Magnetic Access Control Locks

Nine Common Failures of Magnetic Access Control Locks

Magnetic locks work according to the principle of electromagnets. After energization, as long as there is a small current, a large magnetic force will be generated. After the access control system identifies the correct person, the magnetic lock will lose its magnetic force and the door can be opened.

After the magnetic lock has been used for a period of time, some problems will occur due to various reasons. What should we do in the face of these failures? Common magnetic lock failures and solutions are shared with everyone.

Magnetic Access Control Locks

  • 1 The magnetic lock closes the door loudly

a. Check whether there are rubber gaskets installed;

b. Check the iron plate end, whether the screws are too loose; c. Check whether the distance between the magnetic lock body and the suction plate is proper.

  • 2 The iron plate cannot be sucked firmly

a. Check whether the 1A/12V/24V output of the power supply “power and voltage” is reduced;

b. Check whether there is any foreign matter (such as dust, rust, foreign matter, etc.) on the surface of the magnet.

  • 3 The magnetic lock iron plate needs to be adjusted frequently

a. Check whether the iron plate is equipped with pins;

b. Check whether the iron plate is equipped with rubber pads;

c. It is recommended that customers put “screw fixing agent” on the screws.

  • 4 After the iron plate is sucked in, it feels a slight vibration

a. Check whether the main surface of the magnetic lock and the iron plate are completely closed and free of foreign matter, or adjust the iron plate to loosen it and try;

b. Check whether the voltage and current are sufficient.

  • 5 Delay function is invalid

a. The “delay adjustment” of the magnetic lock starts timing after power-on, not after closing the door;

b. The delay of the magnetic lock is 0, 3, 6, 9 seconds, see if the time is set to 9 seconds.

  • 6 After power on, the LED light is dimly bright and cannot be absorbed

Check whether the voltage is sufficient to supply the electromagnetic lock requirements (1A current/12V voltage should be supplied).

  • 7 After power on, the red LED light is always on, but the green light is off

It may be that the sensing element of the magnetic lock is damaged and needs to be replaced.

  • 8 The double-door magnetic lock cannot be sucked after being used for a period of time

The double-door magnetic lock consumes a lot of power. Check whether the power supply is sufficient (whether it is sufficient for the current and voltage required by the double-door electromagnetic lock, or whether there is line loss).

  • 9 No action with controller

Check whether the controller “output” contact is correct. The above are the nine common faults and solutions of magnetic access control locks, and specific problems need to be analyzed in actual use.