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Manual Railing Barriers for High-grade Highway Toll Stations
  • Manual Railing Barriers for High-grade Highway Toll Stations
  • Manual Handrail Car Barriers for High-grade Highway Toll Stations Security

Manual Handrail Car Barriers for High-grade Highway Toll Stations Security

Model No.: EF-MB45

  • Frame and stop rod are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel
  • Gear rod is adjustable from 3500mm-5000mm
  • Overall rust-proof

Manual Handrail Car Barriers for High-grade Highway Toll Stations Security

Product Introduction:

Model No.: EF-MB45

Manual railing barriers is an important part of the highway toll system equipment. It can close the lane and show the prohibition sign to prohibit the passage of vehicles. Manual barriers are suitable for expressway and high-grade highway toll stations, and closed toll lanes to restrict vehicle passage in fog, night or other conditions.

Shenzhen Elefine company’s manual railing machines are divided into two types: one is a pedal type, the base material is high-quality carbon steel spraying, and the cross-bar theme is high-quality stainless steel; the other is a manual type, the base and the cross-bar are made of high-quality stainless steel, satisfying Different needs of customers in different regions.

The manual railing machine adopts a retractable barrier design, and the length of the retractable barrier is required according to different occasions. A no-go sign is installed in the center of the blocking rod. The no-go sign is made of aluminum plate, and the surface is glued with a high-strength reflective film. The manual railing machine is equipped with a state detection function (need to be purchased separately), which can detect whether the railing is in the closed state.


  • 1. Various forms of purchase to meet various needs;
  • 2. Simple structure, accurate positioning, easy maintenance;
  • 3. The crossbar has a wide range of expansion and contraction, which can adapt to the needs of different lane widths;
  • 4. The prohibition sign adopts imported reflective film to ensure that it can be clearly seen at night.


  • 1. The main part
    1.1 It plays a supporting role, and is decorated with a beautiful stainless steel hat and a rubber base.

1.2 It can make the pillar drive the cross bar, the support bar and the forbidden sign to rotate 90° relative to the base, and the rotation is flexible, and the foot structure is adopted to make the cross bar and other components rotate 90° and then lock.

  • 2. Crossbar section
    Enclose the lane and support the prohibition sign, the length of which can be adjusted by adjusting the extension length of the telescopic tube. The length can be adjusted according to the actual width of the road and actual needs, and the length can be as long as 5m.
  • 3. The strut part
    Close the lane and support the prohibition sign.
  • 4. Prohibited sign part
    Display prohibition mark.


  • Stainless steel lever arm, excellent craftsmanship, beautiful appearance.
  • Both ends can be telescopic, and the rod length can be adjusted from 3.5 to 5 meters.
  • Special design, the lever arm does not sag.
  • Nylon shaft sleeve, flexible rotation, anti-corrosion.
  • Foot-operated lock switch, convenient and labor-saving operation.
  • National standard reflective sign.

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