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Magnetic LED Boom Light Strip Up to 20ft (Installed) 
  • Magnetic LED Boom Light Strip Up to 20ft (Installed) 
  • LED Boom Light Strip Up to 20ft (Installed) 
  • LED Boom Light Strip Up to 20ft (Installed) 

LED Boom Light Strip Up to 20ft Installed with Rubber Tape Optional

Model No.: EF-SC04BA01

  • Color: Red/Green
  • Max Boom Length: longer than 12', up to 20' (6m)

LED Boom Light Strip Arm longer than 12ft, up to 20ft Installed with Rubber Tape Optional


Our red and green LED strips illuminate the closing edge of Elefine boom barrier booms on both sides. They are securely installed underneath the boom’s foam edge protection and greatly enhance the visibility of the barrier boom. Even under poor weather conditions or at night, the barrier boom may be recognized from a long distance with these lights. Factory installed.

In closed position, the barrier boom shows a steady red light. During the opening and closing process, the LED strips flash red. While the barrier is open, a steady green light is lit.

For Elefine booms longer than 12 ft, up to 20 ft. Factory installed – by selecting this option, your barrier will come with lights installed right out of the box. The aluminum alloy octagonal rod specially used for road gates can be applied to most of the road gates and car stops on the market.


  • Model No.: EF-SC04BA01
  • Color: Red/Green
  • Max Boom Length: longer than 12′, up to 20′ (6m)

Arm Parameters:

  • Product material: Made of pure aluminum ingots (non-recycled aluminum ingots), octagonal/elliptical aluminum alloys, special rods for road gates, high toughness.
  • Pole wall thickness: 1.0~1.2mm
  • Non-telescopic pole length: 6 meters (can be cut below 6 meters)
  • Length of telescopic rod: 5.8~5.9 meters when stretched, 3 meters long when not stretched
  • Production process: surface spray, optional reflective stickers, support customization. Add fixed wood at one end of the hole and rubber covers at both ends

Anti-smashing Rubber Tape can be Added:

LED Boom Light Strip Up to 20ft Installed with Rubber Tape Optional

Light Bar Features:

  • 1. Applicable to various boom barrier gates (appearance size 30*28MM semi-circular PET lampshade);
  • 2. Automatic photosensitive control LED on or off without manual switch;
  • 3. Automatically sense the state of the gate pole to change the light color, the falling pole is horizontally red, and the rising pole is vertical green;
  • 4. The waterproof level of the light strip is IP68, which can be used for a long time in the outdoor rainstorm environment;
  • 5. The working environment temperature is -20 ℃ to 50 ℃;
  • 6. Soft lighting and easy installation;


  • 1. The advantage of this product is that it is easy to install, but it is relatively heavy. Before placing an order, please check whether the gate where the light strip needs to be installed can support an increase of about 220 grams per meter.
  • 2. This product cannot be cut on site! Please measure the length before placing an order! If there is no suitable length, you can choose a shorter one.
  • 3. Due to the large casing of this product, the actual length is generally about 5CM shorter than the order length of the suit! Avoid the inconvenience of on-site installation due to too long! For example, for a 3-meter suit, the actual total length of the light strip is about 2.95 meters, which is normal.
  • 4. The supporting power supply of the light bar is an iron shell industrial-grade power supply, which does not have waterproof function, so avoid rain.
  • 5. About 25CM at the end of this product is the controller, which will not emit light. The controller part cannot be bent forcibly! Otherwise, it may cause poor contact of the circuit board solder joints.

Installation Sites Night Effect:

LED Boom Light Strip Up to 20ft (Installed) 3

Please confirm the distance between the two holes for fixing the brake lever:

Rubber Strip for Boom Factory Production Video:

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