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Made in china 6 Pillars Supermarket Gate Turnstile

Made in China 6 Pillars Supermarket Gate Turnstile

Model No.: EF-SV006

  • Length of swing arm: 500-800mm
  • Maximum endurance of swing arm: 30Kg
  • Swing arm transmission angle: 180°
  • Swing direction: two-way
  • Working power supply: AC220 ±10%V/50 ±10%HZ
  • H. S. code of turnstile: 8608009000

Made in China 6 Pillars Supermarket Gate Turnstile

Detailed introduction:

1. Technical parameters:

  • 1.1 Structure: Stainless steel structure, non-standard 2.0 stainless steel housing.
  • 1.2 Dimensions: main column 168*1050mm; attached column 89*980mm
  • 1.3 Weight: 50Kg
  • 1.4 Length of swing arm: 500-800mm
  • 1.5 Maximum endurance of swing arm: 30Kg
  • 1.6 Swing arm transmission angle: 180°
  • 1.7 Swing direction: two-way
  • 1.8 Working power supply: AC220 ±10%V/50 ±10%HZ
  • 1.9 Drive motor: DC brushed motor 200W/24V
  • 10 Input interface: dry contact signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width ≥100ms, drive current ≥10mA
  • 1.11 Communication interface: RS485 standard Communication distance ≤1200 meters
  • 1.12 Traffic speed: 40 people/minute (normally open), 25-30 people/minute (normally closed)
  • 1.13 Gate opening and closing time: 2-3 seconds
  • 1.14 Time required to enter the pass state after power-on: 3 seconds
  • 1.15 Automatic reset time after failure: 10 seconds
  • 1.16 Working environment:

◇Indoor and outdoor (shaded shed)
◇Temperature: -10℃—— 50℃
◇Relative humidity: ≤90%, no condensation

2. Main functions and features

  • 1) With fault self-checking and alarm prompt functions, it is convenient for users to maintain and use;
  • 2) Through the built-in small buttons on the main control board, the running status of the device can be programmed;
  • 3) Anti-pinch and anti-bumping function, when the swing arm is blocked during the reset process, the motor will automatically stop working within the specified time, and reset again after the default delay (until the reset), and the force is very small (≤2Kg );
  • 4) Anti-shock function, the swing arm is automatically locked when it does not receive the gate opening signal;
  • 5) Swing arm synchronization function;
  • 6) It has an automatic reset function. After the gate is opened, the system will automatically cancel the user’s permission to pass this time if it does not pass within the specified time;
  • 7) Normally open or normally closed can be freely adjusted to meet the requirements of different venues;
  • 8) Induction or delayed automatic reset, the system defaults to automatic reset 10 seconds after opening (adjustable);
  • 9) The swing arm automatically swings open when power is off, and automatically closes when power on, which meets the fire protection requirements.

3. Main structure and configuration

  • 2pcs main columns
  • 4pcs attached columns
  • 8pcs cross bars
  • 2pcs swing arms
  • 1pcs control board
  • 2pcs motors
  • 1 set of movement and transmission part
  • 1 pair of infrared sensors

Product Size:

6 Pillars Pedestrian Safety Access Control Cylindrical Swing Turnstile Gate for Supermarket size

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