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Luxury Small Swing Turnstile Gate

Luxury Small Swing Turnstile Gate

Model No.: EF-ST1100

  • Auto-reposition function
  • Bi-direction passing or uni-direction
  • Open automatically when power off
  • Self-lock function
  • LED passing arrow to show direction
  • H. S. code of turnstile: 8530800000

Luxury Small Swing Turnstile Gate

  • Model No.: EF-ST1100

The intelligent luxury small swing gate is an intelligent channel management equipment independently developed and produced by the intelligent small swing gate manufacturer. The small swing gate access control combines exquisite mechanical transmission with circuit board control and LED lighting effects. It is more suitable for relatively high-end places such as restaurants, hotels, museums, gymnasiums, clubs and other places.

The luxury small swing gate is an intelligent channel management equipment developed, developed and produced by our company. The luxury small swing gate effectively combines sophisticated mechanical transmission, circuit board control, LED lighting effects and various reading and writing technologies into one. The small swing gate can complete the intelligent control and manage.

Art Museum Luxury Small Swing Gate Case:

Luxury Small Swing Turnstile Gate

As a swing gate manufacturer, Elefine Technology is designed according to international standards for moisture-proof, dust-proof and waterproof when producing swing gates; the box is based on standardized design, laser cutting, opening, one-time forming technology, mechanized wire drawing process, modularization Docking, easy to assemble and disassemble and maintain, with a high degree of interchangeability. It is used in places where personnel exit and entrance need to be controlled, and, compared with ordinary swing gates, the delicate appearance of small swing gates is more suitable for relatively high-end places such as canteens, hotels, museums, gymnasiums, clubs, subways, stations, Wharf and other places. The use of small swing gates can make people flow through the channel in an orderly manner.

Case of small swing gate in health club

Luxury Small Swing Turnstile Gate

Compared with ordinary swing gates, the whole product frame of luxury small swing gates is made of 304 stainless steel laser cutting, CNC bending and forming, with beautiful appearance, and the system adopts standard quick-plug electronic interface to the outside, which can integrate various reading and writing devices, etc. Bar code, two-dimensional code, ID card, IC card and other reading and writing equipment can be easily integrated into the device, so as to provide an orderly and civilized way of passing for people entering and leaving, and prevent illegal people from entering and leaving. It is required that there is a dedicated fire button interface in this system, so that the gate can be automatically opened in an emergency and personnel can be evacuated.

Office building luxury small swing gate case

Luxury Small Swing Turnstile Gate

The function and characteristics of the small swing gate:

  • 1. The small swing gate inherits the zero position self-checking function of ordinary swing gates, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;
  • 2. There is an alarm prompt function for illegal entry;
  • 3. Anti-shock function, when there is no function to open the gate signal, the telescopic baffle is automatically locked;
  • 4. The small swing gate has infrared anti-pinch function. During the reset process of the retractable baffle, infrared detection of people in the passageway will automatically return the baffle to the open state;
  • 5. With automatic reset function, after the pedestrian reads the valid card, if the pedestrian does not pass within the specified time of the system, the system will automatically cancel the pedestrian’s permission to pass this time;
  • 6. The unified standard external electrical interface can be connected with a variety of card readers, and remote control and management can be realized through the management computer;

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