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Long Range RFID Bluetooth Reader with Stickers for Parking Access Control System

Long Range RFID Bluetooth Reader with Stickers for Parking Access Control System

Technical Parameters:

  • Model No.: EF-BR102
  • Operating modes: optical excitation positioning, CDMA Bluetooth communication, sleep wake up
  • Power Supply: DC12V ~ 18V 3.2A
  • Adapter: AC110 ~ 220V/DC +12 V
  • Bluetooth power: 12W
  • Operating Frequency: 433MHZ
  • Infrared frequency: 38KHZ
  • Reader angle: 80 degrees
  • Reader maximum distance : 1-20 m
  • Label protocol: CDMA
  • Interface: Wiegand 26/34 RS232/485
  • Storage temperature: -45 °C ~ +95 °C
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C ~ +75 °C
  • Relative Humidity: 95%
  • Size / Weight: 136*26*10cm 13KG

Bluetooth integrated machine parking lot management system

In fact, it should be a parking lot management system plus a Bluetooth card reader. The system can include parking space management, billing management, vehicle registration, entry and exit records, etc. After analyzing the module functions, the database design and coding can be carried out.

The Bluetooth long-distance parking lot management system is generally composed of a gate, a control board, a Bluetooth card reader, a Bluetooth card issuer (optional, for issuing cards, and cards can be issued on the card reader), and Bluetooth card management software; the card reader is only one of them. For the device receiving the signal of the Bluetooth card, the angle should be adjusted before the Bluetooth card is installed. Generally, the front of the Bluetooth card is facing the front right of the front of the car, and it is roughly aligned with the receiver (that is, the gate that controls the landing rod) to ensure that there are no opaque obstacles. It is recommended to try a few times to find the best angle and then fix it. Be careful not to hold it by hand, especially not to shake it, otherwise it will greatly affect the card reading effect.

Advantages and features of Bluetooth long-distance parking system:

  • 1. No need to park and swipe the card: 915 Bluetooth directional card reading technology is adopted, and the card is read at a long distance of more than 10 meters. There is no need to roll down the window and stretch out the hand to swipe the card or get off the car to swipe the card. It can pass directly, avoiding the trouble caused by the peak period of entrance and exit and bad weather. , The card used is a 915 passive card, which is not affected by the explosion-proof film.
  • 2. The function of combining with the short distance: the internal or owner vehicle adopts the long-distance passive positioning card with the label to realize the fast access without stopping; the visiting vehicle uses the 10cm short-range button to take the card and read it immediately, and pay the card when leaving the unit or community. the perfect combination.
  • 3. Multi-vehicle simultaneous card reading function: Due to the long-distance card reading distance, it is very likely that multiple vehicles can read cards at the same time. Elefine has added a brake opening memory function to the traditional system. Once there are multiple vehicles reading the card at the same time , The turnstile automatically memorizes the number of card readings. When the number of passing vehicles matches the number of card readings, the turnstile will be closed to effectively ensure the safety of vehicle traffic.
  • 4. The bluetooth gate system adopts the wireless bluetooth technology design, the active long-distance card reader with high technology content and stable performance.

The Bluetooth barrier system mainly has the following advantages:

  • 1. No need to park, no need to open the window to read the card, avoid the trouble of parking and open the window to read the card in bad weather outside the window, which is convenient for the owner;
  • 2. Greatly increase the traffic flow, greatly reduce the traffic jam phenomenon in the morning and evening peak hours of the conventional vehicle access system, low carbon and environmental protection;
  • 3. The anti-submarine and return function of the vehicle can be set to effectively avoid the phenomenon of one card being used for multiple purposes;
  • 4. The access authority of each channel of vehicles or personnel can be set for efficient management. At present, the market acceptance of the Bluetooth barrier system is very high. Its convenient installation and simple operation are also more and more popular among users. .

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