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Lithium battery has become an export “explosive product”! There is “lithium” all over the world

Break out! Lithium battery has become an export “explosive product”! There is “lithium” all over the world

  • Factory customized energy storage battery high voltage stacking home solar power generation system home energy storage power supply.
  • Because of its high charge and discharge efficiency and stability, lithium batteries are regarded as the first choice for modern energy storage devices worldwide.
  • The energy shortage in many countries, the soaring price of electricity, the market demand for energy storage products has greatly increased, and the export of lithium batteries in my country has also ushered in explosive growth.
  • Processing and production of lithium batteries. To put it simply, the whole process mainly includes three parts: one is pole piece production, the other is cell production, and the third is battery assembly.
  • Among them, the production of battery cells is the core link in the manufacture of lithium batteries. In this process, welding, liquid injection and other processes are required to complete the off-line.
  • The off-line lithium battery is like building blocks of the same size, and then assembled into a battery pack the size of a 20-inch suitcase, and finally turned into a set of lithium battery energy storage devices.
  • This batch of assembled lithium batteries has gone through various stages of production and testing, and is about to leave the factory and be delivered to customers.
  • Because lithium batteries are energy storage devices and are transported as hazardous chemicals, their export journey has many special features. First of all, it cannot directly enter the port, but waits in the yard for the professional inspection of dangerous goods packers, and then declares dangerous goods at the Maritime Safety Administration. After each box is marked, it finally waits for the notification of entering the port.
  • The energy storage equipment completes the assembly, installation and factory inspection of the entire system in the factory, and delivers it to overseas customers in the form of pre-assembled complete sets of products through standardized, modular and platform-based design. Next, the energy storage equipment will be shipped directly and go abroad.
    How to improve the capacity and life of lithium batteries while ensuring its stability has become a common problem faced by the entire industry.
  • To become a champion on the energy storage track, energy storage batteries need to overcome four barriers. The first is the life of the energy storage device, the second is the stability during charging and discharging, the third is the efficiency at extreme temperatures, and the fourth is the safety of the battery.
  • After tens of thousands of experiments and innovations by scientific researchers, the lithium iron phosphate battery came out. It has high energy density and relatively stable performance. The final charge and discharge cycles can reach 5,000 to 7,000 times, and the service life is close to 20 years. At the same time, it also solves the problem of battery efficiency under extreme temperature, and improves the overall safety through the box design.
  • Under the synergy of factors such as technological innovation, economies of scale, price competition and manufacturing experience, the scale of my country’s lithium battery industry has increased and costs have dropped rapidly.