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Key technologies in the production process of sidewalk turnstile gates

Key technologies in the production process of sidewalk turnstile gates

When people buy a turnstile, most of them will pay attention to its appearance. The finishing looks good in texture and touch. From the aspects of streamline, splicing, angle, etc., it reflects the technological level of the turnstile, so the source of this good process effect is From a good level of craftsmanship.

Each of Elefine’s sidewalk turnstiles is carefully built by the workers, and many cases have been used to show excellent craftsmanship. First of all, we formulate very strict production process standards, and then forge various parts in layer by layer, and then let skilled craftsmen assemble the various parts, and finally present excellent quality gate products.

Key technologies in the production process of sidewalk gates

The chassis is equivalent to the “skin” of the gate, which needs to present a “smooth and detailed” effect

From a piece of stainless steel to a three-dimensionally shaped chassis, multiple processes are required.

First, the stainless steel is laser cut. The laser cutting speed is fast, which can improve the production efficiency; the cutting quality is good, the thermal influence is small, and the steel will not be deformed; the cutting precision is very high, which provides more guarantees for the assembly of the whole machine.

▲Laser cutting stainless steel plate

Secondly, according to the needs of different parts of the product, flexible welding methods are adopted. For example, the connection of the stainless steel plate on the exterior surface of the chassis is fully welded, the welding seam is uniform and smooth, the effect after welding is very beautiful, and there will be no deformation, cracks, virtual welding and so on. Welded parts have high connection strength and will not have fracture problems. After full welding, the sealing performance of the chassis is better, and the waterproof and dustproof ability is stronger.

▲ Laser full welding

Third, fully automatic grinding, grinding the welding marks on the exterior surface of the chassis, and then drawing. After brushing, the surface texture of the chassis is consistent in thickness and direction, and the surface is bright and clean. The texture is very good regardless of whether it is viewed from a distance or a close-up view. Of course, in addition to wire drawing, the surface treatment process of the chassis can also be customized according to project requirements, such as polishing, baking paint, electroplating and coloring.

▲The edge of the chassis is polished

▲Chassis wire drawing

Finally, the edges of the chassis and accessories are rounded, and the sheet metal parts that are easier to contact inside the chassis are also treated with drape and rounded corners to avoid touching and scratching.

The movement is the heart of the sidewalk gate, and accuracy is the premise to ensure “heart health”

The parts of the movement are processed by CNC machine tools, and the precision grade machining accuracy is used to ensure the processing accuracy of the movement parts, thereby ensuring the performance, stability and long life of the movement. The parts of the movement are made of stainless steel, and other anti-oxidation processes such as nickel plating are used to enhance the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the parts.

▲CNC machining of movement parts

▲Accuracy detection of movement accessories

The electrical part is equivalent to the “brain” and “muscles”, giving orders to the “body”

The gate control panel is the “brain” of the gate, which controls its overall operation. The control board adopts integrated chips such as DSP and ARM, and adopts SMT automatic patch technology to ensure that the control board produced is of good quality, complete functions and stable performance.

▲Circuit board function detection

The electrical wiring is like the “muscles” of the gate, sending signals to the “whole body” of the gate. The line is stripped and crimped by an automatic terminal machine, which has fast speed, high precision, and the wire is not easy to fall off, so as to avoid the interruption of the transmission signal. All lines are clearly and firmly marked for quick identification of the purpose of each line. Wires are used to connect the electrical accessories in the chassis, and the wiring is used in the way of wire troughs. The wiring and distribution positions of them are arranged in a reasonable and orderly way, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

▲Terminal machine stripping and crimping


▲Line mark

Assemble all parts and form the whole machine

Assemble the chassis part, the movement part, the electrical part, and other integrated equipment to form a complete machine. Whether the gate is well assembled or not depends on whether the mechanic’s operation is standardized enough, whether the operation experience is rich, and whether the assembly tools are complete. The effect of assembly directly affects the aesthetics of the whole machine, and even affects the service life, performance and stability of the gate. Our technicians are equipped with more than 3 years of assembly experience, and the skills are highly skilled enough to ensure the high quality of assembly.

▲Assembly of the gate

After assembling into a complete machine, the effect seen from the outside is as follows:

In order to reduce the splicing gap, we use the sheet metal processing technology of first grooving and then bending. This can make the R angle smaller, the bend is closer to a right angle, and the splicing gap will be smaller. The smaller the gap, the more beautiful and textured the whole machine.

The splicing gap between the stainless steel plate and the stainless steel plate is less than 1.0mm, and in some places, it is even controlled at 0.5mm, and the gap is uniform. The smaller the gap, the more delicate and beautiful the splicing texture. The splicing gap between the card swiping board, the infrared baffle, the indicator light board and the stainless steel board is uniform and less than 0.4mm, which is completely invisible to the naked eye. After splicing various boards, the flatness is very high, and there will be no uneven problem.

▲Gap detection

▲Flatness test

After layers of processes and assembly, the finished turnstiles are impeccable in terms of texture, touch, streamline and aesthetics.

A good production process of sidewalk turnstiles requires time and experience accumulation. The production process of Cimoro turnstiles has undergone many years of hardening. We have been focusing on pedestrian access turnstiles, putting all our enthusiasm and energy on turnstiles, hoping to forge excellent products with rich experience and superb skills, and help build beautiful, efficient and safe intelligent pedestrian entrances and exits in various scenarios manage.