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Intelligent Elevator Access Controller
  • Intelligent Elevator Access Controller
  • Intelligent Elevator Access Controller

TCP IP Network Panel RFID Lift Intelligent Elevator Locker Access Controller

Model No.: EF-EC21

  • IC card elevator controller
  • Uses RS485 communication interface
  • Card reading distance is between 20-70mm
  • Only authorized people use elevator.
  • Secured and safe.
  • Faster and easy floor selection with a card.
  • Flexibility to move from floor to floor.
  • Controls access / use of elevator by time of day and day of week. (e.g. No restriction during daytime and controlled usage by night)
  • All / selected floors can be access controlled.
  • Selected floor can be deactivated during certain hours. (e.g. during public functions, parties, etc.)
  • Simple electrical interface to any elevator.
  • Power saving as unnecessary landing calls are avoided.
  • Landing A/C optional.
  • Suitable for Duplex Elevator Controller.
  • Recording of elevator usage by cardholder with date and time stamp.
  •  Every Transaction stored with date & time stamp.
  • Access by Card/ Card + PIN/ finger.

TCP IP Network Panel RFID Lift Intelligent Elevator Locker Access Controller

TCP IP Network Panel RFID Lift Intelligent Elevator Locker Access Controller


Install a device similar to the “access control system” on the original elevator. At this time, the elevator will only start after swiping the card, and automatically tell the user the floor that the user wants to reach. This is the elevator control technology. This is installed on the elevator. “Access control system” is what we call the elevator control system.

The elevator control system is also called the intelligent elevator control system. This is an intelligent management system that adopts advanced card reading and writing technology, automatic control technology, and sensor technology, and uses a computer network platform to conduct a comprehensive automatic management of the use of elevators.

Intelligent Elevator Access Controller

Intelligent Elevator Access Controller

Quick Details

  • Panel dimension: 218*136*32mm
  • Metal box dimension: 320*270*75mm
  • Communication: standard 10/100 TCP/IP communication, RS485
  • Input: Wiegand 26/34 bit (all card reader with compatible protocol)
  • Working power: DC12V 5A
  • Card capacity: 120,000
  • Transaction records capacity: 200,000
  • Number of supported floors: 32 floors or more
  • Data protection if no power supply: 10 years
  • Net weight: 0.45KG
  • Gross weight: 1.2KG (box)

Elevator Controller System Introduction:

  • 1 Intelligent Access Control Device in Elevator Interior
    The device is installed in the cab panel. Each elevator needs a reader. Then it has dual functions: single charge and access control. There are a variety of products which can satisfy various needs of different customers.
  • 2 Card Device

Card device: users insert the card in the card-reading zone which is in the elevator operation panel. Thus, you needn’t consider the distance while reading the card and can activate the elevator exactly the way you want. The card zone is small and takes up less room. You needn’t consider the used room of the elevator operation panel, and you can easily realize the advantages of the card system.

  • 3 Password/ Fingerprint Device
    The Fingerprint elevator management system is specially used for the people who want high security requirements. The leaders use fingerprint, the workers use card, and passwords as a backup. Thus, the elevator intelligence has higher improvements.
  • 4 Remote Device

A remote device is another upgrade of elevator IC card system. You needn’t swipe card or get close to the elevator operation panel. Just press your remote control, you can use the elevator. Thus, you avoid some troubles when starting elevator by getting close to elevator operation panel.

  • 5 Intelligent Access Control Device out of elevator
    The device is installed in the calling board outside of the elevator. Passengers can call the elevator after swiping card by the device. The device stops non-authorized from using elevator, which makes the building safe and energy saying.
  • 6 Intelligent Access Control Devices in and out of Elevator

a, Swipe Card by the Device outside/Inside of Elevator
b, Call Elevator
c, Enter the Cab
You can select the floor you registered in the management center after swiping card by device in elevator
You needn’t swipe card in elevator and select the floor you registered in the management center.

  • 7 VIP Device
    VIP device only refers to users with VIP card. When users with VIP card uses elevator, they can be sent to the desired floor directly without stopping. Other users can not make the elevator stop at a floor call when users with VIP card uses elevator. VIP device guarantees the safety and privacy of users with VIP cards and save more time for users with VIP cards.
  • 8 Visitor Device

Visitor device can work with intercom to solve the trouble of guests that are visiting.


Normal management of the Access Control are “One for One”, that means one card reader control one door. Valid card can open the door, invalid card can not open. Bur we can found that in many fields, a “One for More Controllers” are needed.



A complete elevator control system is composed of five parts: controller, card reader, card issuer, card and elevator management software.

The controller and card reader are installed in the elevator car, the card issuer and management software are in the property management center, and the card is held by the user. After swiping the card in the elevator car, the elevator will open the car instruction for the pre-set floor of the card for the user to choose. Floors that cannot or are not authorized by the card cannot be selected. Only authorized personnel can use the elevator, avoiding the chaotic use of the elevator.

In addition to facilitating the management of the property owner, the elevator control system also greatly improves the safety and energy saving of the community.

The first is safety. Today’s communities generally suffer from insufficient security manpower and incomplete safety management facilities. Unusual personnel enter and exit at will, randomly post advertisements in corridors and elevators, and even “hand-in-hand”. Thefts occur from time to time. This makes the community exist. Serious security risks.

Safety is always the top priority of the people. Community safety is not only the most important thing for residents, but also the most important work of community property management. By installing an intelligent elevator control system, idlers outside the residential area have no right to use the elevator, which will prevent the occurrence of such phenomena as “grabbing”, house theft, and random advertisements, effectively improving the security of the community, and giving residents more peace of mind.

The second is energy saving. Because it effectively limits the behavior of people who are not authorized to take the elevator, and reduces the frequency of elevator use, it can save electricity expenses to the greatest extent.

For example, a person who delivers newspapers every day, first go to the third floor, call the elevator after delivery, and then go to the fourth floor to deliver it, and then call another floor after delivery, so the elevator runs back and forth dozens of times. , The electricity consumption is quite large. There are also daily water delivery, advertisements, publicity, and other idle personnel.

If there are children playing and playing in the elevator, press the button on each floor, and the elevator will stop on each floor. The amount of electricity wasted invisibly is inestimable. However, if the ladder control system is installed, such a situation can be completely avoided, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.


  • EF-EC21 elevator controller is an IC card controller, which uses RS485 communication interface, and the card reading distance is between 20-70mm.
  • The main board of the EF-EC21 controller is 198mm long. With a width of 120mm and a thickness of 28mm, it is equipped with original imported chips, which can meet the harsh working environment, and can work in an environment of minus 20 degrees Celsius, with a maximum temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.
  • The EF-EC21 elevator controller has several advantages, which are the reasons why it can become the mainstream choice in the market.
  • The first is the anti-copy function of EF-EC21. The EF-EC21 IC card controller adopts an independent encryption method, and the key is generated immediately, which technically ensures the security of user data.
  • In addition, the EF-EC21 controller supports emergency button input, which realizes that the elevator can still operate normally when a fire alarm linkage or other emergency situation is discovered.
  • EF-EC21 also adopts normally closed control, which can prevent false triggering by vibration, and automatically exit the elevator when the power is cut off, and restore the original state of the elevator to normal use.
  • The EF-EC21 controller uses a large-capacity Flash memory, which can store 60,000 data. It also supports the expansion of multiple card readers; it also supports PC online, and the administrator can realize remote operation of the elevator installed with EF-EC21.
  • Taking into account the problem of excessively high floors in some office buildings, EF-EC21 also supports the addition of expansion boards, which can reach up to 80 outputs and support buildings up to 80 floors.
  • Finally, the equipment of the entire elevator control system with the EF-EC21 controller supports mixed installation, so that next time your elevator control system fails to run, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace the entire system.


Elevator access controllers are widely used for government, research institution, industrial and mining enterprises, intelligent building, office building, intelligent community, villas apartment, communication room, bank financial institutions, treasury military installation, prison, subway, airport, bus station, turnstile control, car parking system, university, hospital, hotel.

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