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How to distinguish between single movement and double movement turnstiles? What are the precautions for installation of turnstiles?

How to distinguish between single movement and double movement turnstiles? What are the precautions for installation of turnstiles?

As a kind of channel management equipment, the essential function of the gate is to realize only one person at a time through blocking and releasing. Its application object is pedestrians, and the application is the entrance and exit. However, as a part of the intelligent passage management system, the gate can be combined with other systems. It can be used in different special occasions to play a greater role. According to the difference in the number of movement and arresting bodies contained in the same gate, the gate can be divided into single movement (including 1 movement and 1 arresting body) and double movement (including 2 movement and 2 arresting bodies) , In a symmetrical form). There are many styles of gates, such as three-roll gates, swing gates, wing gates, one-word gates, translation gates, turnstiles, barrier-free access gates, etc. At present, three-roll gates, swing gates, and wing gates are more common on the market. There are three kinds.

Take the wing gate as an example to explain the difference between a single movement and a dual movement

1. The wing gate is composed of a chassis and two movable door wings.

The door wings can be extended and retracted to achieve the purpose of dissuasion or release. Wing gates can be divided into single-core wing gates and dual-core wing gates according to different combinations of movement types.

Single core wing gate: Only one single core is configured inside the chassis (as shown in the picture)

Single core wing gate

Double-core wing gate: the inside of the chassis is equipped with dual-movements that work independently (as shown in the picture)

Double-core wing gate

2. Wing gates can be divided into single-channel wing gates and multi-channel wing gates according to the number of channels.

Single channel wing gate: consists of two single-core wing gates.

Single channel wing gate

Multi-channel wing gate: consists of two single-core wing gates and multiple dual-core wing gates.

Multi channel wing gate


3. Safety precautions

Although a series of tests have been carried out before leaving the factory, and it can operate safely and steadily, the user must strictly follow the instruction manual for correct installation and debugging before it can be put into use. Please pay attention to the following safety precautions

  • 1. It is strictly forbidden for technicians without electrician license or without electrical training to engage in electrical connection operations such as strong current 220V AC.
  • 2. Without proper installation foundation, it is not allowed to install fixed gates.
  • 3. During maintenance, please disconnect the power supply of the system except the gate (such as access control, visitor system, ticketing system, etc.).
  • 4. Must have a leakage switch or other current control operating device.
  • 5. The wiring of the gate must be carried out in accordance with the wiring diagram attached.
  • 6. Before putting it into normal use, please make sure that the gate function test is qualified.
  • 7. During maintenance, please check the fastening bolts.
  • 8. After the gate system is powered on, do not touch the live parts, such as switching power supply, motor reducer, resistors, lamps, etc., because the live parts may be hotter and easy to burn the skin after the power is turned on.
  • 9. It is forbidden to squeeze the gate with heavy objects, otherwise unnecessary damage will occur.
  • 10. It is recommended that the user separate the power interface of the gate and other equipment, otherwise it is easy to cause product damage due to mutual interference between the equipment.
  • 11. The equipment is not equipped with an explosion-proof device, and it is not allowed to be used in an flammable and explosive environment. If users have any needs, they can choose other gate styles.