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How to Code the Remote Control of Boom Barrier Gate?

How to Code the Remote Control of Boom Barrier Gate?

The code matching method of the remote control of the barrier gate is to press the code matching button on the face cover, and the indicator light will light up. Press any button on the remote control twice, the indicator light flashes quickly, the code is successful. Repeat the operation to learn another remote control. Up to 20 can be learned. [Barrier remote control] It is an intelligent multi-functional manual and wireless remote dual-purpose remote control device designed with digital technology. It has good intelligent judgment function and high reliability. It is the first choice in the current electric gate system. The automatic control equipment can be widely used in remote control of residential gates, parking lot gates, etc. It has the characteristics of small size, simple use and reliable performance, and the longest distance can reach 150 meters.

【Clear Code】

Simultaneously press the two buttons on the upper row of the remote control, and the indicator light flashes once for about 2 seconds and then flashes quickly, indicating that the clearing is successful. After clearing, press the four buttons of the remote control, the indicator light flashes only once and then goes out.


Place the original remote control and the copy remote control side by side (preferably with the right hand)